Back In Style

Wow, it has been a while and it’s good to be back to have my own blog and this time using for the starting point. I really missed those days blogging in Blogspot about those funny stuff like Zooperstars, Transformers movie set etc. I’m not sure why i can’t blog properly if i self-hosted my own blog… lol!

Also missed those days where i met a group of Blogspot bloggers, we had an outing chilling out, i got drunk and have to let a girl (Hazel) drive me home. (actually i’m lazy to drive, since she live nearby my house, then okay, let her drive, while i slept in car!) LOL.

My was a failure, abandoned and now the domain name is taken! Damn i used to have a few fans back then.


Talking about fans.. right i have this instead. Tadaaa….


Lol.. Just joking. Now, i rather do it with free blog.?

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