Motion Picture Films

Best Film Shot With Eastman Kodak

13 Best Movies Shot On Eastman Kodak Film Neg.

In this post, you will find out the best movies shot with the Eastman Kodak Vision3 film negative motion picture film. If you are a film photographer and have shot with the Eastman Kodak Vision3 35mm film, then you will be familiar with motion picture film. Do you know that this film rolls was actually used to shoot films you’ve watched in the cinemas? If you are a movie fans, then this post might be an interesting read for you.

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Night Street Photography Kodak Vision3 500T Motion Picture Film

Kodak Vision3 500T Film Photography at Night on Contax G1

I never try to shoot film at night before, so I decided to challenge myself with film photography at night using the Kodak Vision3 500T on the Contax G1 film camera. Probably I was pretty broke to buy any Kodak film stocks now, and I found that the Kodak Vision3 500T film is perhaps one of my favourite films to shoot with right now after.

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