35mm Film Recipes

Kodak Ultramax Fujifilm Recipe Spot Meter

Kodak Ultramax Film Recipe For Fujifilm Cameras

The all-new, Kodak Ultramax film recipe, finely crafted for your Fujifilm cameras. Ideal for for portraits & streets use on sunny days. Kodak Ultramax 400 film stock, this recipe is the result of countless hours of experimentation and collaboration, with the aim of bringing out the best tones and colors in your photos.

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Best Japanese Film-Look Recipes - Japanese Color Tones

6 Best Japanese Film-Look Recipes For Fujifilm Cameras

Lately, I’ve been experimenting and creating some Japanese film-look recipes for Fujifilm cameras. Here I will be listing down all my favourite Japanese film look with a greenish tone that I have created. I have been shooting for a while with these Fujifilm recipes and are great for portraits, landscapes and travel. Trying not to create any duplicates, all of the Japanese film-look recipes have their own characteristics and tonal adjustment.

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