How Good Is Your Imagination? I’ll Tell You Mine

Recently i’m so into listening to Kitaro’s music. One thing was it really keep me relax and let my imagination flow naturally. I’m not sure if other people enjoyed the same as i do, but Kitaro’s music will flow through mind, leaving me with imagination of different kind of things.

Whenever i have my eyes closed and relax, concentrate listen carefully to every drum beats, flute, each and every details of the instruments, my mind will begin to do its things, start imagining or seeing invisible samurai, cow eating grass, rain forest to snowfalls to never ending road, depends on the song.


Not pulling legs, I guess all of Kitaro’s song have its own meaning, calmness, giving hope, inspired etc and eventually you’ll find out how beautiful the world is as the music brings you along the journey as well as feeling the Japanese culture through music.

All you need to do is lay down on your bed, put on your earphone, and turn the volume a little louder but not too loud, as you get deeper in relaxation, the journey will begin, once you relax, follow the rhythm and instruments playing, you’ll understand the meaning of the song.

This is my own experiences, and you can give it a try! Start listening to ‘Koi‘, ‘Caravansary‘ and ‘Silk Road‘ first. There are many Kitaro songs, just search ‘Kitaro’ on Spotify and the song list will appears.

Best listen on Spotify because of it’s clear sound than Youtube. More effective i guess? 😛



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