The Edge of the Mountain Lucid Dream

Pointy Mountain Rock

Yes, I had another dream this morning and it was a bit an extraordinary lucid dream.

I don’t know why my dreams are so movie-like. I remembered the middle of this dream I was swimming at infinite pool and saved a baby from falling on the edge of the pool and then end up walking at a very high place, seems like at the rocky mountain top, walking back home.

While walking I looked up and I saw a few construction workers was working. Then I walked further, I look up again I saw workers and some rocks. After awhile as I walked further again and looked up, I saw a very huge rock with sharp edges and with wordings. I was like OMG… It was at the edge of the mountain and its was freaking huge. I can see it in my dream so clearly, the huge rock was covered by small layer of mist.

And then the ending was quite funny. I entered the tower, and was talking to someone about the rock that I saw. Inside the tower there was a room and middle of it was like tornado with wind sucking up and down.

After that I exited the room and continued my way home, and I looked up again, I saw the huge rock was wrapped in canvas and the tower changed to those ancient Chinese rooftops. The photo above only for illustration and no monkeys in my dream.

I walked toward a staircase and saw a big chicken! LOL. This part was a little crazy so I decided to stop writing for now.

If you want to know more what the big chicken did, please comment below.

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