A Date Night with Annabelle

Netflix Best Horror 2018

Annabelle 2 is one of the latest horror movies I’ve watched last night and of course, horror movies are worth watching with D-Box and Dolby Atmos in cinema. Annabelle Creation the sequel that tells the story of how the Annabelle doll created and get possessed by a demon.

The scare tactic in Annabelle 2 was quite good but not the best. Not really as scary as The Conjuring 2 and I don’t understand why there is news on the internet about people running out of cinema screaming or pissed in pants. But I do have the intention to leave the cinema when some scenes are too quiet and ready for the next scare scene. LOL.

If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t proceed reading this as there are little spoilers below!

The story begins when toy maker Sam Mullins, wife Esther and their daughter Bee was stranded by the roadside to fix a punctured tire. While Sam fixing the tire, some parts flew out in the middle of the road. Bee said she is going to pick it up by walking to the middle of the road and without noticing an oncoming car and got hit by the car, that scene was quite thrilling and heart felt! The D-Box shaking seat definitely gives more effects to the movie.

After 12 years since the tragic car accident of Bee, 6 homeless orphaned girls and a nun reached Sam’s farmhouse for shelter. Bad things start to happen when one of the girls entered a locked room and that was when the horror begins.

In my opinion, this movie has the basic scares but not as good as the first Annabelle & The Conjuring 2 with lots of screams! But still okay to watch if you like horror movies. While in the cinema, I heard some of the audiences were thrilled during some scenes, saying “Oh no!”, “Oh my God”, “Sh*t” and so on.

My rating: / 5

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