35th Birthday Wishlist, The Materialistic Me

mvmt watch

My birthday is coming soon and I’ll be 35 years old this year and thinking of pampering myself with a birthday gift, just for me. Done some research on some items. You can call me materialistic but it’s my birthday and I don’t care! I don’t really celebrate my birthday because I want to keep it simple. Maybe my biggest birthday celebration will be at 70 years old where I will celebrate with my.. tongkat in hand, but let see if I can live till that age.

Okay, the birthday wishlist includes some items I actually never thought of.

1. Daniel Wellington Watch
2. MVMT watch
3. Pillar for my car audio upgrade
4. Unichip Car Tuning
5. Save the cashback to the bank

Okay. First thing first. Daniel Wellington watch seems like it will look big on my small wrist, I’ll skip this one.

For MVMT watch, especially the full blackface and gunmetal design look quite stunning and good, for USD$120 (estimate around MYR530++). Thinking of replacing my Casio Edifice that followed me for 7 years, and guess it’s time to get a new watch? Read the full review about MVMT watch I’ve recently bought. 😀

Next! pillar? Okay this is one of the car audio upgrade that I’ve been thinking of. I will get this done no matter it’s my birthday or not. Skip.

Next one, Unichip. Hmm, is it necessary since I already have my Ford Fiesta remap? I will gain some HP but the car is going nowhere. Might wait for the Golf. *evil face emoticon* Not worth for bang for bucks at the moment. Okay, skip!

Save the cash and grow like a mountain. In Malay normally they say simpan sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit. Hmm, then what’s the point of having this post? LOL. Joking.

There are some saying, money can’t buy happiness but it can make your life beautiful. Oh.. actually I like this sentence!

There goes my 35th birthday wishlist until i reveal the truth.

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