CNY 2017 Is Over, Time To Get Back To Reality

CNY 2017 Lion Dance in Office

Well, Guess my CNY 2017 holiday mood is over. Back to reality, it’s time to get back to work. I just can’t imagine how bad the traffic jam in Petaling Jaya after the Chinese New Year. Feeling a little weird and tired, perhaps i should have go for a full body massage to relax my muscle a little bit.

It was quite a special CNY 2017 because there was a lion dance session in the office! To me for what I know since a child about lion dance, the lion dance is said to have ‘sacred power’ (a better word to describe, it’s a symbol of power) that it help to bite off those bad stuff, repair feng shui and brings good luck. A Chinese belief.

Weight Gain Lets flashback to the last Thursday, when i was in the office. The lion was offered with mandarin orange and angpows at my desk. It’s a small size lion though.

A simple CNY 2017 celebration

There goes my CNY 2017, simple. While some go traveling, I was in KL all the time, not going anywhere else except visiting relatives. And guess what? I only bought one shirt for this year’s celebration that was because of last-minute online shopping. One thing I noticed, I was munching a lot of biscuits and crackers just to keep my ‘hard to maintain body weight‘.

Arghh. I actually gained 5kg, after mass eating and taking Incrae, a multi-vitamin I bought from Lazada. It helped to increase my appetite, seriously it worked for the first 2 weeks and I will write a review about the product soon.

Saw on TV about 2017 zodiac prediction for Year of the Rooster, not quite smooth this year for those born in Dog Year. Might have bad situation where there are backstabbers or being framed. This is bad and must keep in mind to go low profile lah. I’m just wondering I’m a quiet person also will get backstab? LOL. Well, That’s just a prediction. Don’t have to worry too much. If there are backstabbers or being framed, I’ll be the first to blog about it here. 😀

Well, CNY 2017 not over yet until we reach the 15th day of Chinese New Year, where we celebrate Chap Goh Meh, but to me, it’s over already. Okay, let’s get back to my weight topic.

My last weight measurement was on 20th January 2017, measured at 43.7kg. So I’ll continue with this routine of hitting the gym, take protein shakes and the multi-vitamin till I get to 50kg. Sound like a good plan. So be it.

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