VAVA ‘My New Swag’ (我的新衣), Catchy Rap Song


Here is another catchy Hip Hop that stuck in my head and I found out from a friend of mine recently. VAVA is a female Chinese Rapper and singer from China who is signed with Warner Music and she performs Hip Hop & Rap music.

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VAVA ’21’ album is released in 2017, includes 11 Hip Hop songs by VAVA. Some of her popular rap songs are Life”s a Struggle, Get It On The Floor and the popular 我的新衣 (My New Swag).

VAVA Chinese Female Rapper
VAVA Rapper
我的新衣 when translated means ‘my new clothes‘. The 我的新衣 lyrics expresses that the person wants to wear new clothes and never care what others say or mind about the brand.

About ‘My New Swag’ (我的新衣)

A new type of song to discover, VAVA My New Swag (我的新衣) is a unique Hip Hop song, featuring Ty. & Nina Wang (王倩倩). This Rap song is like modern Hip Hop meets traditional Chinese melodies. The Erhu & Pipa instrument including the opera vocals, blend perfectly with Hip-Hop music and beats. VAVA is also known China’s No.1 Female Rapper, want to know why? But first, listen to her songs.

Music Video

Guess you will like this song too because it’s so catchy and pretty cool. Let’s check out VAVA’s 我的新衣 official music video.

Stay tuned as I’m going to do VAVA ’21’ album review in the coming week. In the meantime, you can check out other rappers like Jsheon, 24Herbs that I’ve reviewed.

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