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J.Sheon Album

Here I’ve stumbled upon on J.Sheon album featured in Future Hip Hop, R&B, Rap and modern sound. J.Sheon first album consists of 11 catchy tracks including the top hits Don’t Ask, You’ll Never Know, Breathing, Slowly, Kiss It and many more. Check out further below for the tracklisting.

J.Sheon album comes with a cool intro track Deep Into Your Soul featured in ambient sound, Future elements and J.Sheon vocals. There are a few really tracks including my favourite 呼吸 (Breathing), 慢慢 (Slowly), 啵啦 (Kiss It), You’ll Never Know and of course, the most popular bluesy 別問很可怕 Don’t Ask.

慢慢 (Slowly) is the second track in J.Sheon album, it is a slow and catchy song with Future style blends with J.Sheon crystal clear voice that you’ll enjoy so much and keep repeating it again and again. Girls will love it!

呼吸 (Breathing) is more to Mandopop and I’m kind of like the lyrics and the rhythmic dance beats.

All I can say this album is best played loud to enjoy the music even more, that gives you a slow and relaxing feel of the future Hip Hop & R&B vibe. Feeling cool, yeah? All the tracks are actually quite suitable for all ages listening. J.Sheon album the first debut album released on Sony Music in May 2017.

J.Sheon (街巷) is a Taiwanese music artist and shot to fame with his Youtube cover on Fast & Furious 7 ‘See You Again’ in Mandarin. His single 別問很可怕 Don’t Ask was a top hit that climbed the chart way up to No. 6. Here I have handpicked some of the best tracks from J.Sheon album.

天菜 (The Hot One) let you further enjoy the song in longer rapping in Mandarin.

J.Sheon Album Tracklisting

1.Deep Into Your Soul
2.慢慢 (Slowly) Editor’s Pick
3.呼吸 (Breathing) Editor’s Pick
4.啵啦 (Kiss It) Editor’s Pick
5.天菜 (The Hot One) Editor’s Pick
6.You’ll Never Know Editor’s Pick
7.粗神經 (Careless)
8.別問很可怕 Don’t Ask Editor’s Pick
9.星際牛仔 (Space Cowboy)
11.平行宇宙 (Multiverse)

J.Sheon is available for listening on Spotify or purchase the songs via HifiTrack.com with Hi-Fi Studio Master 24/48 and 24/96 FLAC format. If you are planning to support the artist, you can get his CD on YESAsia.com for only US$22.29.

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