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Phi Phi Island, Phuket Holiday

Don’t be surprised, this is my first-time visit to Phuket in Thailand. Patong is a hotspot with many tourists from the world who came to the island to relax, enjoy the island sight-seeing, eating out and have fun. The weather here is quite hot due to its humid weather because Phuket is an island, surrounded by Andaman sea.

The first day I took an hour flight from KL to reach the Phuket International Airport. In the meantime, looking for a taxi to our hotel in Patong, we also booked a tour to Phi Phi Island and other island attractions which I’m not sure what is the name of it.

Coconut Village Resort Patong
It took about one and a half hours to reach Coconut Village Resort, located at Prachanukroh Road. It is very happening at night in this area and packed with tourists from different countries, walking back and forth along the road, be it day or night, where the people go to Patong Beach or the other way for food. Tourists from Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Middle-East, Europe, you name.

Coconut Village Resort Room
My hotel room kind of big for one person, interconnected to next room and facing T-junction. Not good feng shui for sleep? It’s too noisy at night with cars and bikes.

Patong Night View
Patong at night from the balcony view

Guess it is a lot more happening on the weekends. You will also see many tuk-tuks, tour vans and tourists on motorcycles. It’s nonstop busy on the road. There are a lot of bike rental shops around Patong if you want to get a bike.

There are varieties of food in Patong from food stalls, food court, cafes, restaurants and night market as well for souvenirs. There are cafes around Patong in case you need a cold fresh drink or coffee to cool you down from the hot sun. You can also get some booze in the Patong area, where pubs and bars are located at a popular night hotspot in Bangla Road.

Guess I don’t need to do anymore introduction if you have already been to Patong. Let’s get straight to the point.

First Day – Relaxing Time in Patong

Back to our first-day trip, we went straight to check out Patong beach which was just a walking distance from our resort. As we hanging out at the beach for a smoke, a tour guide approached us. As we can’t deny with the cheapest price offered by the tour guide, we quickly agreed and get tour ride to a few attractions in Phuket such as gun shooting, ATV tour ride and a visit to Big Buddha Phuket.

Patong Food Court Pancake
Patong Food Court Fried Chicken

We were so hungry so we decided to take lunch at a food court. The food court is quickly packed at night, where you can find a variety of food including crocodile meat, burgers, mango sticky rice, fruit drinks and many more.

Our resort is located just in front of the main road towards Patong Beach. There are things to do in Patong Beach such as a picnic, tanning, relax, jetski and many more. After an exhausting day, you can cross the road to get a cold beer! I skipped Patong Beach as we are going to Phi Phi.

For sightseeing and beautiful beaches, you have to get to Phi Phi Island to really enjoy the amazing beach view but for a price. I have visited a few best sightseeing in Hua Hin Thailand during my latest Hua Hin travel review.

Cave Sightseeing Phi Phi Island
I had terrible night sleeping thanks to the sound pollution and blasting top hits music from the heavily equipped car sound systems tuk-tuk and also those motorbike’s exhaust sound, it was so annoying. Duh, it’s really terrible when you stay in a room facing the busy main road.

Seafood Stall Patong
Dinner in Patong
On the first night, we all headed out from our resort looking for dinner. We had our seafood dinner just nearby our hotel. Right after dinner, of course, the most popular thing to do in Patong is massage! Guess this is my first time to get the foot massage. Wow, there are many many massage parlours in Patong too.

Then after the foot massage, I went back to the resort lobby for AOV session with my friends. I can say AOV gaming sessions was my day and night gaming session during the 4 days stay in Patong. Even the staff the lobby was asking us if we were playing AOV. lol.

AOV Matches
AOV Butterfly Hero Skin
The Wifi connection not so good in the room as I will get disconnected or unable to connect, the best was to hang out and play AOV in the lobby!

Phuket is also popular with Thai Boxing, there was one time while walking ban ack to the resort, there was a Thai Boxing advertisement car making the announcement for an upcoming Thai boxing match, driving slowly next to us. I felt like dancing with the Muay Thai stance.

You See Thai Boxing, You See Thailand‘… Lol, I guess that was what I’ve heard from the announcement.

Guess it was a big match at Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong, they announced almost every day, including posters everywhere around the city. I actually have a moment of thought to join Muay Thai classes once I’m back to KL.

#Travel Tips: Due to the hot scorching sun, you might get heatstroke and headache. You can buy Peppermint Inhaler (cost about 24 Baht) for standby just in case and it’s available at 7-Eleven, Family Mart and other sidewalk shops in Patong.

Day 2 – Speedboat Ride to Phi Phi Island

The second day, I woke up early at 8.30am headed for breakfast. Then I waited for the tour driver to arrive as I’m heading to some beautiful island in Phuket.

Phi Phi Island
Reached Phi Phi Island on a bumpy speedboat which took 1 hour to reach the popular island destination. I get to tour around the island from one place to another on the speedboat. When reached Phi Phi Island, it was like entering another world of paradise with crystal clear, blue-green seawater. The view is amazing.

Phi Phi Island Snorkeling
Phi Phi Island Sightseeing
I was out from morning until the evening and exhausted. I returned to the resort at 6pm. Really time-consuming tour but I get to enjoy the amazing views and sightseeing around Phi Phi Island.

Monkey Beach at Phi Phi Island
Guess we are the four monkeys on the beach

Our group are advised by the tour guide not to feed the monkeys, I mean those real monkeys on Monkey Beach. They’ll snatch things.

Too bad I didn’t get the chance to visit the popular Bangla Road where there are many nightclubs, bars and discos that I had heard words from mouth to mouth. It is a walking distance from the resort I’m staying but I didn’t make it due to the laziness of walking far and we all are not consuming any alcohol. I didn’t get to ride on those fucking noisy tuk-tuk as well. At night, it was AOV sessions again.

Pineapple Fried Rice Patong
Prawn - Seafood Patong
We had dinner at the same seafood stall… again. It’s really Eat, Play, Sleep & Repeat in Patong!

Day 3 – ATV Adventure

ATV Tour Ride at Phuket
Each journey out of Patong city to another place of attractions really takes a long time to arrive. It took about an hour to reach the place (no idea what’s the name) where you can play extreme activities such as ATV / Buggy ride, elephant ride, zip line in Phuket. Also, find out more about my ATV offroad adventure in Hua Hin and find out how amazing it is!

Big Buddha Phuket - Temple and Sightseeing
The third day is a fun outing day where I get to ride on ATV on bumpy offroad all the way up to Big Buddha in Phuket. At the top, you can get the surrounding view of Phuket Island. I then have to ride the ATV all the back downhill. It was fun but my right thumb hurts like hell. You got to try ATV for 1800 Baht and you’ll know why.

Going on a holiday trip with friends is more fun and have time to relax than my previous trip to Bintan. I can go anywhere I like. Do anything I want. It’s Freedom.

After that, I took lunch at best kept secret seafood restaurant in Phuket. While eating, I discovered some new music and that was luk thung, Thai country music! Do check out the songs I’ve grabbed with SoundHound. Really give you the ‘Thai culture feeling‘ while eating seafood by sea.

Then we informed our tour guide to drop us at Thanon Ratuthut Songproipi Road and took a walk from there as we explore the area ourselves. We headed to Jungceylon Shopping Mall for window shopping. There are many many things to do here, from shopping, eating and drinking.

During my third and fourth day holiday in Phuket, I was stoned and stumbled upon something running in my mind and said that I am actually quite lucky and there are not many people who might be so lucky or having a good life like us or me. Just my 2cents and I’ll keep it short. Sometimes it doesn’t mean you will have more experience in life. Some might not be so lucky, what they had gone through might be more than you or me. Is this the right way to describe? lol. Well, that’s life. So, start helping others who might be in need.

4th Day – Get Back to the Real World

Checked out on the 4th day at 12pm and tipped off 40 Baht for room keeping. Didn’t inform but yeah I did put the 40 Baht on my room’s table desk as tips. This is the way to show gratitude and a sign of thank you for the room keeper and actually I’m not sure what happened with the 40 baht hopefully the room keeper is smart enough as I did’t write any message on paper. LOL.

Phew… I relaxed the whole half-day at the lobby again for AOV. Man, just can’t get enough of it. Since we are leaving from our resort to the airport, we all took a short break at a cafe while waiting for time to past and taxi to arrive. I spent the rest of the day at the airport and then back to the real world at 1am after 4 days of eating hard and play AOV during my holiday trip in Phuket.

Now I’m back to KL, I felt like a Muay Thai fighter, I got darker and tanned due to sunburn. Forgot to put on sunblock on my face. LOL.

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