Better Than Us Netflix Review, Arisa The Russian Super Bot

Better Than Us Russian TV Shows Review

If there are real human-like bots or robots in this world, I would like to get one! Well, this post starting to sound a bit futuristic.

Looks like we still don’t have this kind of advanced technology to have perfect talking super bots as seen in the movies but for sure it’s fun for those who are single or those need a companion. Even if it exists, the price of a real human bot will cost a bomb.


All this came through my mind after watching Better Than Us on Netflix. If you like to watch cyborg on Netflix such as Another Life, Hot Bot, TAU, Ghost In The Shells, etc this one is for you.

Better Than Us Season 1 is a Russian TV series on Netflix with 16 episodes. This sci-fi Russian drama series really caught my attention with its good storyline that goes with the flow. The storyline never jumped forth or back like other TV shows, you know what I mean.

Although there are lots of dialogues and talking, it still able to make me stick to the seat and eager to know what will happen next.

Better Than Us Super Bot
Original language is in Russian, some viewers like me might not able to understand the language, but the subtitle & English dubbed really helps a lot. I prefer watching it in its native language though. Also, there are English & Chinese subtitles for it too.

Meet Arisa The Super Bot

Just a quick summary, Better Than Us tells the story of a first-of-its-kind super bot named Arisa, who ran away from a corporation called CRONOS, which produced fairy-bots to take care of kids and sex-bots for pleasuring the adults. The storyline starts to build up slowly when Arisa met with Georgy, a surgeon who worked at a morgue and his kids, eventually acknowledged them as her first owner.

Arisa Better Than Us Netflix
She is known to be part of the family and she tries to protect them. Things go wrong when the family starts involved in a difficult situation, which is linked with the super bot. This series is rated 16+ with offensive language, nudity, and violence.

I’ll leave it to you to watch the entire episodes and judge it yourself whether it’s yay or nay.

Also, the Better Than Us original soundtrack is in English, listen to acoustic guitar, country style to Indie music featured in the series. In episode 11, you can hear the classic tune Scarborough Fair played at the end credit. Check out Scarborough Fair (not from the TV series though) below.

Check out the official trailer. So, what do you think? Stream it or go for the next one? I would pick this as the best TV Series Netflix and two thumbs up for Better Than Us.

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