Best US TV Shows 2020 To Watch On Holidays + BONUS!

Best US TV Shows 2020 To Watch On Holidays

The holiday season is around the corner, and still, wondering what are the best US TV shows to watch online during this time while at home? I have compiled a list of the 10 best streaming TV shows to watch during the holiday to kickstart the year 2021. Whether it is Christmas, year-end, new year, or any holiday occasion, I’m sure the list below will get you to stick on your seat for hours and spend quality time with your family and loved ones! Here I have the list of must-watch Netflix TV shows on holidays as well as a US TV show currently trending on Disney Plus.

If you haven’t got the chance to watch The Mandalorian yet, one of the best TV shows, you should watch it online during the holiday. The Mandalorian is a Star Wars US TV show on Disney Plus and it tells the story of a bounty hunter who travels and explores the galaxy far away from the New Republic. If you have lately heard about the cute ‘Baby Yoda‘ circulating on social media, you’ll definitely have to find out by watching the series. The Mandalorian Season 2 is released on October 30 and it is the best time to start watching Season 1 already.


Get a fast internet connection with Time Internet if you want to watch US TV shows in HD & UHD 4K. You can also enjoy the Dolby Atmos at home contents on Netflix and Disney+ without going to the CINEMA, if your Smart TV supported this audio format.

Best US TV Shows – Holiday List

I have rated Queen’s Gambit as the No.1 Netflix TV show to watch online, while the rest is recommended and the best shows on Netflix to watch during the holidays.

#1 Queen’s Gambit

It is a story of a young orphan girl who learns chess with a janitor at the orphanage and later evolved into a grandmaster. This one season series on Netflix enough to get you stucked on the couch for hours and days!

#2 The Mandalorian (Disney Plus)

A Star Wars TV shows about a bounty hunter after the war from ‘The Return Of The Jedi’. The adventure begins when The Mandalorian travels across the galaxy with a Yoda-like creature and found allies during his exploration. This two seasons adventurous Star Wars series is very addictive and exciting to watch, remember to grab the snacks and drinks.

#3 Star Trek Discovery

A Star Trek TV shows about the science vessel Discovery with time warp abilities encountering many difficulties along the way. With three seasons of Star Trek, you’ll dive in for a nonstop, twist and turn space adventure.

#4 War Of The Worlds

A short but entertaining War Of The Worlds mini-series about an alien invasion in London during the Edwardian era. This 3 episodes mini-series on Netflix able to get your eyes stick to the TV screen for hours, but remember to rest your eyes after a long Netflix marathon.

#5 Ratched

An exciting thriller Netflix TV series about Nurse Ratched, who infiltrates a leading psychiatric hospital to save his mentally unstable foster brother after admitted there for killing several priests. Once you have started the series you won’t stop watching it with all the exciting, and thrilling storyline!

I have also compiled and recommended a few best Western & Asian TV Shows on Netflix.

#6 To The Lake

An epidemic apocalypse Russian TV series where two families find their dangerous journey to an isolated lodge on an island. Good to watch if you like an survival TV series in foreign language. Exciting adventure awaits you to the lake.

#7 Alice In Borderland (Japanese TV Series)

A Japanese TV series on Netflix based on Manga about a gamer and his 2 friends, who find themselves in a parallel Tokyo. They met new people and have to go through life and death games in the city. An adventurous and mind-blowing Netflix Japanese series to watch this coming holidays.

#8 Unlucky Ploy (Thai TV Series)

Thai romantic TV shows on Netflix about two women who share the same name. This is a very emotional TV show but it’s fun to watch. Watch Green Ausadaporn Siriwattanakul in this series as she went through the up and down in her life. The storyline is very exciting yet addictive and you’ll keep watching the next episodes for hours in a day.

#9 The Rain

One of the most exciting post-apocalyptic Danish TV shows about two siblings who hide in a bunker for protection from the deadly rain-carried virus that wiped out everybody in Scandinavia.
The Rain is enjoyable to watch during your free time or on the holidays for its long 3 seasons of TV shows.

#10 Freud

An Austrian-German crime TV show about the young Sigmund Freud, a psychic medium Fleur who joined a policeman in his investigation for multiple murders. This thriller series will get you so curious and wants you to watch the next episode.

I have already compiled the list as above, now it’s time to go grab some snacks and drinks, sit tight for the best Disney Plus and Netflix TV series marathon to kick start 2021! Also, check out the previous list for extra entertainment on the holiday! Other than online streaming, a good plug and play TV box can also provide all the streaming entertainment you need this holiday.

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