How To Get Graceful Sakura Pink Hair Dye in Ragnarok Mobile

Graceful Sakura Pink Hair Dye Ragnarok Mobile

Graceful Sakura hair dye is one of the most attractive pink hair dye colour other than white colour in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. If you are wondering why there no way to get it before this until Valentine’s Day and the launch of the new Marriage System for Ragnarok Mobile.

Miss Happiness Wedding Store
Miss Happiness Wedding Store in Prontera

Pink dye only can be purchased from NPC Miss Happiness Wedding Store in Prontera. Miss Happiness is located in front of Prontera Cathedral. To get pink hair dye, head over to Miss Happiness and open the Wedding Store, scroll down until you see Graceful Sakura (a pink bottle). You can buy it for only 50,000 zeny. Surprisingly it’s quite cheap actually!

Buy Pink Hair Dye
Once purchased the Graceful Sakura from Miss Happiness, head to Barber Shop in Prontera. Select the light pink and you can preview it on the left. Wow! Such a beautiful colour! Graceful Sakura pink hair dye can be applied to male and female characters and it looks great! This hair colour match well with the new Moon Sakura costume.

Here we have a short walkthrough video.

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