Best Of Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) HK Cantopop Songs

Four Heavenly Kings HK Singers - Cantopop Songs

I have come across in my mind to create something different for my Spotify playlist, and here we go with a curated best HK Classic Cantopop playlist performed by Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings.

The playlist consists of all best songs from the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) – Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau & Leon Lai. It took about 2 hours to carefully select some of the best popular Cantopop songs with over 4 hours of non-stop Cantopop.

The songs are made convenient into an all-in-one playlist for fans and listeners so you don’t purposely find the songs by yourself. It is also suitable for audiophiles and listeners who like classic Cantopop!

Top 5 Editor’s Pick

1. Jacky Cheung – 我真的受傷了
2. Jacky Cheung – 等你等到我心痛
3. Andy Lau – 忘情水
4. Aaron Kwok – 爱的呼唤
5. Leon Lai – 今夜你会不会来

With no need of introduction, the four singers are known as the 四大天王 Four Heavenly Kings because they become the top 4 Hong Kong biggest male singers in the late 80s and 90s, well-known in Asia countries and also parts of the world.

Their Cantopop songs are still popular till today and frequently performed in their tour concerts. You can find and listen all best songs in my Spotify playlist.

Now the question is where to buy their albums? Previously I had purchased a few albums (Jacky Cheung’s True Love album, Phil Collins, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek album etc) online.

I recommended getting Cantopop albums on Amazon or YesAsia because is the right music platform to get classic Chinese and even Japanese albums if it’s hard to find elsewhere. If you are looking for the Hi-Fi digital version, visit

Which one is your favourite Heavenly Kings artist, songs, and why? Feel free to comment below.

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