Dark Matter – B&W Street Film Recipe For Fuji X-T4

Acros B&W Custom Film Recipe Fuji Settings

If you love Black & White street photography and shoot using a Fujifilm camera, you will love the ‘Dark Matter’ film simulation custom settings. The ‘Dark Matter’ is created especially for street photography, it’s great for shooting in the urban city. Let’s find out what is all about this street film recipe.

If your Fuji camera has the Acros film simulation with the X-Trans 4 sensor, the good news is you can use this setting whether it’s an X-S10, X-T4, X-E4, X100V, X-Pro3 and many more. The name Dark Matter might sound like a Sci-Fi movie but no it’s not. The street film recipe is created to help you to create a dark moody scene of street life.

What Is Dark Matter Film Recipe For Street Photography All About?

‘Dark Matter’ street film recipe features one of the best Fujifilm recipes for street photography which is the Acros base film simulation. I have increased the shadow settings for a moody, vintage black & white feel. As I try not to use too much grain for my portrait film recipe, I think having strong and large grain does look great to create vintage street photography.

The exposure is up to you on how you want to create the light and shadow for your still images. You can use the Aperture Priority by controlling the light using the Aperture ring if you are a fast shooter. If you want to take your time, camp at a place, wait for the subject and enjoy the shooting experience, use manual settings for your camera.

This film recipe works great for both shooting techniques. Depending on your creativity, you can easily create more amazing black & white pictures than the one I’ve shot. Would like to try another B&W mood? Check out the high-contrast black & white recipe called Dark Diary.

Dark Matter Film Recipe Custom Settings

Film Simulation: Acros
Dynamic Range: DR400
Highlight: +1
Shadow: +2
Noise Reduction: -4
Sharpening: -2
Clarity: 0
Grain Effect: Strong, Large
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
Color Chrome FX Blue: Weak
Monochromatic Color: WC: +1, MG: 0
White Balance: Auto
ISO: Auto – 6400
Aperture: Wide Open
Push/Pull: -1/3 to +1/3

Dark Matter Sample Photos

Fujifilm Recipe For Street - Dark Matter
Acros B&W Custom Film Recipe Fuji Settings
Black & White Film Recipe Street Photography
Best Fujifilm Recipe Settings Street Photography
All you have to do is just go out there and shoot to ‘feel’ the Dark Matter, and enjoy every moment you take the shot using this X-Trans 4 recipe for the street and people. It’s great to use if you want to express your mood or emotions (angry, sad, happy) while doing street. If you love this Fujifilm film simulation recipe, feel free to share it with your friends.

Happy shooting black & white!

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