Fomapan 400: Multiple Exposure Experiment on Film

During my recent street photography session in Kuala Lumpur, I had my first experience shooting and testing Fomapan 400 with double exposure. As the price of Kodak films has increased again in 2023, using black & white film stock seems to be the cheapest solution currently available.

This is my second film double exposure project after trying Ilford Delta 100. I am still in the learning process and experimenting with what I want to create, so I cannot shoot creative double exposures as seen in Lomography. Nonetheless, I am surprised by the results of this B&W film photography project, although not everyone may appreciate the artwork through the lens.

Multiple Exposure Fomapan 400 Contax G1

I had some failed shots but also some amazing ones in my opinion. This project might be a good source of inspiration for others. I had planned to use this Fomapan 400 film roll while exploring film photography in Bangkok, but unfortunately, I ran out of time. So, I decided to experiment with multiple exposures using this film stock and eventually get the best multiple exposures results from the film photography project throughout 2022 till 2023.

About Fomapan 400

Fomapan 400 is a black and white film stock produced by Foma Bohemia, a Czech film manufacturer. This film is known for its high sensitivity, allowing photographers to shoot in low light conditions without sacrificing image quality. Fomapan 400 is also known for its fine grain and high resolution, making it an excellent choice for street photography, documentary photography, and portraiture.

The film comes in 35mm and 120 roll film format and has a wide exposure latitude, making it easy to get good results even in tricky lighting conditions. It is also a versatile film that can be used for a variety of photographic applications, from landscapes to portraits to action shots.

Fomapan 400 is a relatively affordable film stock compared to some of the more well-known brands, making it an excellent choice for photographers on a budget. It is also a great film stock for those who enjoy experimenting with double exposures, as it can produce some striking and unique results.

Overall, Fomapan 400 is a highly regarded film stock that offers excellent image quality and versatility, making it a popular choice among many film photographers.

The Beauty of Kuala Lumpur Daily Life: In Black & White

While shooting in a flea market called Pasar Karat in Kuala Lumpur, I stumbled upon a great shot of a stranger that looked natural and beautiful on film. I liked how the natural light illuminated the subject. During the entire street photography session, I was looking for something unusual, and I managed to get a great shot by blending the subject with the surroundings.

Fomapan 400 Pasar Karat KL Street Portrait Photography
Contax G1, Fomapan 400 // February 2023

After moving back to its old location behind Petaling Street in 2023, Pasar Karat seemed to have lifted the spirits of its vendors. They appeared to be in a better mood than usual, and I managed to capture one of my favorite portrait shots with the Fomapan 400. In the past, I had a negative experience there while taking photos in the flea market alley, which affected my mood and productivity for the following months. However, after my trip to Bangkok, my street photography productivity appears to have returned.

Pasar Karat is a flea market in the heart of Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The name “Pasar Karat” translates to “rusty market” in English, as the market is known for selling all sorts of used and vintage items, including rusty tools, old coins, and antique furniture.

The market has a long history dating back to the early 1980s when it was first established. Initially, it was a popular spot for second-hand goods traders and collectors, but over time it has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors looking for unique souvenirs and a taste of local culture.

Pasar Karat is known for its bustling and vibrant atmosphere, with vendors setting up stalls along the narrow alleyways of Chinatown. It is a great place to explore and discover hidden treasures, from vintage cameras and old records to quirky knick-knacks and handmade crafts.

Pasar Karat Chinatown KL
pasar karat daily life bw

I tried to finish the 36 exposures on the Fomapan 400 film roll during my four-hour walk around Chinatown in KL. However, I found it challenging to come up with ideas as my mind was blank. But as I walked further, some scenes caught my eye, and I managed to capture some great shots.

Using my Contax G1 rangefinder film camera for double exposure shots is my favorite. For me, creating artwork using film stocks and painting the streets with my camera is quite fun and unique.

Street Photography Malaysia
Street Photography KL Fomapan 400
BW Street Photography Kuala Lumpur
Double Exposure Film Project Malaysia
Fomapan 400 BW Multiple Exposure

It is great news that you can now get these double exposure photos as wall art prints in high resolution for printing. I did not want to overuse the multiple exposure mode with my Contax G1 as I felt it might wear out the film camera faster.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of this double exposure experiment? Does it inspire you to try double exposure on film? Did you find yourself slowing down while shooting film? Shooting with a film camera is all about enjoying the moment and taking your time, right? There is no need to rush when we shoot the film. How about shooting fast-paced street photography with Contax G1?

Thank you for reading about my film photography project. I hope you enjoyed it and are encouraged to try out Fomapan 400 for your next project. Stay tuned for my next project, which will be something different. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @van.onfilm.

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