Black & White Film Simulation Recipes

Reverie Noir Fujifilm AI Recipe

Reverie Noir – AI Recipe For Fujifilm X-Series

I’m excited to introduce one of my Fujifilm AI recipes called Reverie Noir, which was initially generated using AI and then refined to enhance its quality. I understand that AI recipes for Fujifilm can be a topic of debate within the Fujifilm recipes community. It’s important to note that AI-generated recipes should be used as a guide, and while it has the potential to work exceptionally well if it is fine-tuned.

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Fujifilm Recipe For Video - Movie Recipe

Noir Flick – B&W Classic Video Recipe For Fujifilm

Noir Flick is one of the latest editions of classic movie recipes for Fujifilm cameras, inspired by classic films that create a dark cinematic look for your filmmaking projects. Based on the high-contrast custom settings of the One for the Road recipe, you can shoot under high-contrast or cloudy locations.

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