Nighttime Street Photography @ Brickfields KL

Capturing the night scenes is not easy for beginners if we are not familiar with the camera, no matter what brands or how good the cameras are. This is my first time going out for night photography at Brickfields KL with an entry-level mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm XT-100. The new XT-200 model is released not long after I get the XT-100.

Both are entry-level, but there are quite some improvements on the XT-200 compared with its sibling, the XT-100. Not asking for more, XT-100 is just right for me with all the basic functions. After the night photo shooting at Brickfields, I noticed that my XT-100 not that responsive when snapping photos. But so far, I can still handle it. I feel like…

New kids on the block!

The pictures I took from the 15mm-45mm kit lens are amazing although 40 images are blurry out of the 50 images taken that night. I encounter a problem with the manual settings at night, it does give me a headache as it was a fast pace photo shooting session around Brickfields KL.

Well, I’m still learning. Basically, we need to get the right aperture, shutter speed, and ISO if we go for a night photo shoot. I might blow your bubble but indeed need to know how to use the camera for night photography else the photo results will end up with noise, too dark or blurry like mine. If you are looking for the best place to shoot street, do check out my latest Chinatown KL street photography, for more images captured with my old Fujifilm X-T30. I’ve tried out my X-T4 film recipe which I’ve used at night.

Night photography is fun! No matter what, you got to enjoy yourself when you hit the road. 🙂

It was quite hard for me to use the 7artisans 25mm prime lens with manual focus at night especially when want to capture something really quickly, so I changed it to my Fujifilm kit lens.

Most of the images below are shot using SS 1/34, f/3.5, DR 200%, and ISO 3200.

Brickfields Photography Spot in KL
Brickfields Photo at Night
Brickfields - Night Photoshoot - Fujifilm XT-100
This image have different settings because there are light coming from the street lamps and the walkway.

Shutter Speed: 1/8.5
Aperture: F/5.6
ISO: 3200
White Balance: +1/3

Shadow Night Photography
Brickfields KL Photography 2020
Brickfields - KL Night Photography - Fujifilm XT-100
Brickfields KL Photography Location - Fujifilm XT-100
I personally really like the black & white photo above as there are car headlights shining on the road and it’s an amazing photo I’ve ever shot… at night! Thanks to my friend Nicky for the guidance and basic photography lesson in one night. Since I was quite new at that time, recently I have joined photography class in KL, there are many things to learn in photography!

After the night photoshoot, I headed to KL City Art Gallery with Nicky. It is located at Wisma YPR, facing Jalan Syed Putra.

Of course, I’d captured all the images in JPG/RAW and fixed them using Adobe Lightroom. It’s not the best and I have a lot more to learn. I will also be going for a street photography session which will take place in Chinatown KL. I’ve applied for the course online and I’m looking forward to it too. Let’s hope the coronavirus settled down by that time.

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