Photography Using The 3D LED Moon Lamp

3D Yellow Moon Lamp

This is my night photography using a moon lamp and I find it quite useful. What is a 3D LED moon lamp? The Moon lamp is usually used for decoration and can be placed in the desk, bedside table, in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere in the house. The light from the lamp is bright and the glow gives a calm feeling to the environment.

I’ve purchased this 3D moon lamp because it first caught my eyes with its unique 3D moon texture, just like a real moon!

LED Moon Lamp Photography
I’m actually having fun taking photos with my XT-100 in the dark room using the 3D LED moon lamp as it can give different lighting effect.

The 3D LED lamp comes with a USB charging port and available in white, yellow & orange colors. To turn it on for the first time, charge it for 10 seconds to activate and tap the moon lamp to turn it on.

The good thing I like about this lamp is it will lit even after the USB cable is unplugged and can be placed anywhere I like.

I gave it a try by capturing it in the dark with my Fujifilm XT-100. Look how amazing it is!

3D White Moon Lamp Photoshoot
3D Yellow Moon Lamp
Amazing isn’t it? The 3D LED moon lamp is quite cheap and affordable to own. Get one for home decoration or send it as a gift. Recommended to get the LED Moon Lamp 16 Colors version for more color variation.

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