10 Best Travel Portrait Shots 2023 Using Film Simulation Recipes

Best Travel Portrait Shots 2023

It brings me immense joy to announce the unveiling of my latest collection of the Best Travel Portrait Shots 2023, with photoshoot sessions done in Kuala Lumpur. This carefully curated selection of my finest portrait photography showcases the culmination of my creative efforts throughout the year 2023.

As someone who has honed their skills as a Fujifilm film recipe creator, as well as a personal vacation portrait photographer based in KL, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite portraits that were captured using my very own Fujifilm recipes. These portraits expertly showcase the unique and captivating aesthetics that can be achieved with Fujifilm cameras and my carefully crafted best Fuji recipes.

Specifically, I have dedicated my time and effort this year to conducting photoshoots with tourists in Kuala Lumpur – a city that never fails to inspire me with its vibrant and diverse atmosphere. Additionally, I have also been working on some exciting side projects that you can discover under the photography section of this blog.

Editor's Pick: 10 Best Travel Portrait Shots

I picked out some of my favorite SOOC portrait photos that I took using different film recipes. I like to shoot in a style that looks cinematic, natural, and dreamy. Many of my customers trust me and are happy with my work. Previously I have shared some best SOOC portraits of 2022 and best cinematic portraits as it’s about time to update some of my work.

I really love shooting in natural lighting outdoors, which is one of the basic portrait techniques I have learned from trial & error from the past year and still trying to improve from time to time. Well, the lighting are constantly changing and different, so we have to adapt to it.

Downtown Bloom Best Portrait Shots

A personal portrait photoshoot in Lalaport KL with the best natural lighting condition. Most photos are shot with the Downtown Bloom portrait recipe.

BW High Fashion Best Travel Portrait Shots

One of my favorite photoshoot sessions in Kuala Lumpur with a model from London, UK. The B&W recipe is custom settings that are yet to be available, so stay tuned! You can check out this high fashion shoot for more photos.

Timeless Provia Portrait Photography Malaysia Travel

Really like this cute photo during the personal photoshoot session at Sunway Lagoon, PJ. The film simulation recipe used is Timeless Provia. There are slightly muted due to the lens FX filter used.

Downtown Bloom - Vacation Photographer Malaysia Best Travel Portrait Photos

One of my recent photoshoot sessions in downtown Bukit Bintang was shot with the Downtown Bloom recipe before noon and the weather is hot! Although the background was a little busy during the noon, I wish I have the 23mm wider angle lens to cover more areas but still one of the best vacation shoot of the day with my Fujinon XF35mm f2.

Nomadic Mood - Best Portrait Cinematic 2023

This is a photo I like, taken with my Fujifilm camera at the Great British Circus. It looks like a scene from a movie. It’s one of the best pictures I’ve taken and it should be included in a list of the top portraits of 2023. There are only JPEGs using Nomadic Mood recipe and doesn’t have the RAW files for further adjustment because I have forgotten to set it to JPEG/RAW settings!

Downtown Bloom - Best Travel Portrait Shots 2023

A travel photoshoot for Vikky from Australia at the Saloma Bridge in KL which I did some cinematic shots as well. The recipe used for the whole session is Downtown Bloom.

Fusion Obscura Best Portraits

Shot at the same place but at different times at Saloma Bridge, this is one of my favorite best portrait shots of 2023, taken using my latest film recipe called Fusion Obscura.

One for the Road BW Best Portraits 2023

One of my favorite black & white recipes is called One of the Road and was shot indoors at a Japanese restaurant. Check out more stories & photos here. That’s right, for this session, I’ve forgotten to set it to JPEG/RAW again!

Downtown Bloom - Best Portrait Vacation Photography Malaysia

One of the best travel portrait photoshoot sessions in Chinatown KL. Most photos are taken with the Downtown Bloom recipe.

Tokyo Dream Best Portrait 2023 Indoor

Well, this session is an indoor photoshoot so the lighting can be tricky and required a lot of trial & error. The background might look overexposed but it was intentional. LOL. The recipe used for this photo is Tokyo Dream.

Nostalgic Negative Fujifilm Best Portrait Shots 2023

This was a picture taken with the Fujifilm X-H2S camera, using Nostalgic Negative. The photo was taken at a workshop in Chinatown that was hosted by Fujifilm and YL Camera focused on portrait photography. If you’re interested, you can see more pictures and stories here. For Fujifilm users that doesn’t have the X-Trans V cameras, you can check out the Nostalgic Negative film recipe, which is featured as one of the best portraits film simulation recipes that you can test out.

Nomadic Mood - Tourist Vacation Photography Malaysia - Best Travel Portrait

Last but not least, this is one of my favorite and best travel portrait shots and is worth to be listed here. This is shot with the Nomadic Mood recipe during a personal photoshoot session in Chinatown KL. You can check out more details and photos here.

Best Photoshoot Experience

Here we are, unveiling the 13 best travel portrait shots of the year 2023! As we move forward, rest assured that there are more exciting vacation portrait shoots coming in, and I cannot wait to share them with you in the upcoming post. Stay tuned and continue to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, one photo at a time.

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