Nomadic Mood – Moody Travel Film Simulation Recipe for Fujifilm X-Trans IV

Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe For Night Photography

Are you looking for a film simulation recipe for landscape and moody travel type of Fujifilm recipes? This will be your go-to Fujifilm X-Trans IV recipe for nature photography, landscape, street and night photography, the ultimate all-in-one Fujifilm recipe for travel.

As given the name ‘Nomadic Mood‘, this versatile all-in-one film recipe is great for Fujifilm travel photographers who love to travel from place to place. If you’re looking for the very best in an all-in-one Fujifilm film simulation recipe, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, rugged terrain or rolling hills, or a gorgeous mountain range on an epic trail, capturing and showcasing the beautiful lands is something that many people strive for.

What Nomadic Mood recipe is all about?

Nomadic Mood is an all-in-one film simulation recipe for Fujifilm X-Trans IV for all types of travel photography including landscape, street photography, and night photography.

This film simulation recipe for travel is created while I was having my staycation in Georgetown, a UNESCO heritage site in Malaysia and a recent road trip to a popular tourist attraction in the highlands for some landscape shots.

This recipe is created using the Classic Negative based film simulation, which is one of the best film simulations for landscape. All the SOOC images are shot using either Aperture Priority or manual settings depending on the light condition.

The film grain effect is increased for this recipe to achieve the vintage film look.

Nomadic Mood Film Recipe Custom Settings

Nomadic Mood Sample Images

Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe For Night Photography
Fujifilm Recipe For Landscape Travel Photography
Fujifilm Recipe For Moody Travel Night Photography
Fujifilm Travel Film Simulation Recipe
Fujifilm Travel Film Simulation Recipe For Landscape
Fujifilm travel Film Simulation Recipe For Travel
Fujifilm Travel Film Simulation Recipe Landscape Photography
Fujifilm Travel Film Simulation Recipe Travel Landscape Photography
Nomadiv Mood Fujifilm Travel Film Simulation Recipe
If you’re looking for more specific types of Fujifilm recipes, do check out the Fujifilm X-Trans IV simulation recipes for the street fashion recipe, expired film recipes and many more. Feel free to try out this recipe for your next travel and share this with your Fujifilm photographer friends.

If you are looking for a faster shooting style while traveling without the hassle to change to other custom film simulations, then this is the one to go for.

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