Bike Girl Photoshoot: A Portrait Series with Sawitti Kim (TH)

Join me on my journey as I delve into outdoor portrait photography for the first time with the stunning Sawitti Kim from Thailand. With a captivating ‘Bike Girl’ theme in mind, we headed to a car parking lot basement to capture the perfect shot.
Although I am more into indoor boudoirs and outdoor portrait photography, this was my first time shooting in a basement location. As expected, there were challenges, particularly with flash photography. Despite attending lighting classes a few years ago, I felt a little rusty and found it difficult to capture the perfect shot.

When choosing my lens, I opted for the XF23mm F1.4 for its wider angle, which I had previously used during a Fujifilm workshop in KL. However, I encountered some difficulties while shooting with the Fujinon XF35mm F2 lens.

Overall, it was a hit-and-miss experience, but it taught me valuable lessons in flash photography and helped me expand my skills and knowledge.

Shooting with Off-Camera Flash & Natural Light

sawitti kim thai

During my recent car basement photography shoot, I encountered some challenges with off-camera flash settings, resulting in fewer photos than I would have liked. However, I was able to capture some impressive shots using flash as a fill light, and the natural light provided an excellent alternative.

For my next shoot, I am determined to master off-camera flash techniques and capture more stunning shots. I’ve experimented with different film simulations, including Provia/Standard, which produced exceptional results. I used Classic Negative sparingly due to the shadow cast on the subject. In the end, I decided to do some post-processing.

To achieve the best background exposure and adjust the flash power, I recommend practicing with different settings beforehand. For this shoot, all the photos are edited with the latest Capture One 23 with custom setting adjustment and touch-up with Photoshop that enhances the final images.

Stay tuned for my next car basement photography shoot, where I will share more exclusive photos using off-camera flash and natural light to capture breathtaking images.


It is time to brush up on some photography skills by attending some online photography classes if you are still new to photography. Stay tuned for the next more photoshoot samples. You can check out these exclusive photos in the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

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