MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ears Review

MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ears Reviews

M6 Pro Musician’s In-Ear Monitors by MEE Audio first caught my eye with its unique design. I’ve been looking for an in-ear headphone for some time, so I decided to give M6 Pro a try on how it sounds. For USD$50 (RM228), the main features of the M6 Pro are the detachable cables and its signature memory wire. Accessories included are universal fit ear tips, shirt clip, and an extra cable with universal volume control.

The M6 Pro included 6 sets of silicone ear tips and 1 pair of Comply Premium Earphone Tips for sound isolation, one small carrying case and a gold-plated 1/4″ stereo adapter.

Lows: This IEMs are a little tame on the bass and it’s definitely not for basshead. Don’t expect the lows to be boomy, but the bass it produced is well balanced yet detailed midrange and highs. To get better sound quality from these M6 Pros in-ears, you’ll need EQs to boost the bass and its sound quality. Just keep in mind if the EQs are not tuned properly, distortion will occur when you play music at high volume, my suggestion is best to keep it flat and pump up the volume.

M6 Pro

Bass solution: According to MEE Audio website, if you are experiencing lack of bass or weak, probably you have not achieved a good seal with your earphone. Fit and ear tips play a major role in how you hear on the IEMs.

Mids: The midrange is superb, the vocals are well-focused, clean and clear. If you love the vocals, listen to HD Audio or play some Jazz music from Chaka Khan, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall etc on Hi-Fi music streaming. This in-ear will keep up the pace with noticeable separation of instruments playing from left to right and vice versa.

Highs: The highs are in their balance and pretty tame in style. One thing to notice about the treble and bass, it blends nicely behind while the mids are pushed in front.

MEE Audio M6 Pro Review
Fit: It fits perfectly onto my ears. You need to push the in-ear into the ear canal, adjust the memory wire and let it hold tight to your ears properly. There is no need to worry about it falling out as it is over-the-ear which hold firm onto your ear. These M6 Pro in-ear monitors are great for activities including outdoor, DJ-ing, rock band jamming sessions and even listening to the best dance music during a workout at the gym.

How To Wear M6 Pro Musician’s In-Ears Monitors

Comfort: For some reason, the over-the-ear memory wire will cause a little pain behind the earlobe after some long hour wearing it, but that might be just me adjusting the wire too tight. The M6 Pro also can be worn on the front or the back so it won’t interrupt with your activities.

Isolation: It comes with a pair of Comply ear tips that seal your ear from the noise and act as sound-isolation so you can enjoy the music even more. Make sure to not wear it on the road, be it while driving or cycling as you’ll hardly hear or unaware of outside ambient that might cause an accident.

Comply Memory Foam Eartips
Eartips: I found out the silicone eartips are not quite comfortable for wearing long hours. The Comply Foam ear tips are the best choice for comfort fit. Just play around and see what works.

Music Test: With some test on drums from Kitaro to popular, hard-hitting Trance and House Music tracks, the bass is actually present when you choose suitable ear tips and get it fit properly into your ears.

MEE Audio M6 Pro Cables
In case you have broken cable, you don’t need to worry as they offer replacement for detachable cables which can be purchased via MEE Audio website.

Last words, the bass will be too polite for some, but in an exchange with great mids and vocals. It needs EQ to fully sound better when listening to music but it worked great enough already if you are going for a jamming session. Soundstage is wide focused with great depth. It has a unique design and I really like it a lot and nothing to complain about for a $50 in-ears.

Probably I will also get the MEE Audio’s high-end product, the Pinnacle P1 high fidelity audiophile in-ear headphones in the future for some great music listening experience.

My rating: / 5

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