Want to get better sound quality from your brand new earphones you bought recently? Time to get Comply Premium Earphone Tips. This review will guide you on how Comply Foam tips work and how it can make music so enjoyable therefore giving you a great music experience.

This Comply ear tips can be an upgrade for your old earphone or new earphone especially IEMs – In-ear Monitors (only if available for your earphone model, all will are explained below, just keep on reading). For your information, the foam tips function as noise cancelling, enhanced your music and help boost bass.

Comply Ear tips Variety Pack
With its signature memory foam tips, Comply help to isolate noises and let you experience the full music the same as the musicians on stage or in the studio. This review will be focused on Comply 200 Series foam tips, the Sport (S200), Isolation (T200) and Comfort (TS200). My favourite foam tips are the Comply T200 isolation foam tips that I used with my MEE Audio M6 Pro IEM.

Comply Isolation Foam Tips (T200)

What I like about the Isolation T200 foam tips are it can fit perfectly into my ear canals and isolate outside noises, therefore able to listen to my favourite music with more details and enjoyment. The T200 help to block outside sound and give a perfect seal while staying comfortable for long hours of listening music. If you have mid or high-end earphones, I would suggest Isolation T200.

Comply Isolation Foam T200
With outside noised isolated, you can hear and dive deeper into every music details including the instruments and vocals that came to life and sound wider than before. You’ll start counting how many instruments were there in the songs and also noticed the singer’s emotion and feeling.

With these isolation foam tips combined with your high-end earphone, you’ll hear sounds that you’ve never heard before whether you use lossless sources such as FLAC format and CDs.

Comply Sport Foam Tips (S200)

A test on the S200, I realized that there is a better bass boost as well as blocking outside noises when I use it on my IEM. This Sport foam tip works great when you workout in the gym or while doing cardio. If you asked me if it’s comfortable, I would say quite comfortable compared to T200 due to its soft foam. The sound quality seems enhanced on my M6 Pro IEM without any DSP used.

Comply Sport Foam S200
If you’re working out in the gym, I’m sure dance music or fast beats music will be the best music option for you, this Sport Foam Tips will help you to focus on workout be it lifting or running without caring the noises or loud voices happening around the gym.

Comply Comfort Foam Tips (TS200)

If you’re looking for the comfort side or always listening music for long hours, use the TS200. Specially designed in spherical oval shape, this Comfort Foam Tips enhanced the music with better bass while giving a cushion like feeling to your ear canals.

Comply Comfort Foam TS200
Now you don’t have to worry about having ear pain as you have experienced with the normal ear tips.

How to Use Comply Ear Tips

Now here are some tips on how to use Comply Foam Tips. All you need to do is squeeze the foam tips and insert it into your ear canals. You will then feel the foam slowly expands and fit perfectly, which is also known as ‘memory foam‘. Now, this is called sound isolation.

You don’t have to worry if it gets dirty and you don’t need to replace a new one. You can just clean the Comply ear tips by using partially wet cloth and slightly clean up the foam carefully. There will be a small instruction manual included, showing how to use and clean the foam tips when you bought the Comply.

Remember this, please do not put on this tips while you’re sleeping as you might damage the foams. I have mine split in half. It will last quite long if you take good care of it properly.

Comply Variety Pack Ear Tips

Where To Buy Comply

You can get Comply Foam Tips from the official website at www.complyfoam.com. Then you can search your earphone model and see which foam tips are suitable for your earphone. The Comply Variety Pack like the one I have bought came with 3 pairs – Sport, Isolation and Comfort Series which cost only about USD$26.98 (MYR104.88) with shipping to Malaysia. I’ll get these via official site because there might be an imitation of it and not convince to purchase on other online shops.

Now you can enjoy your music like never before and enjoy every detail of a song, for greater music listening experience with these premium Comply foam tips.

Value: / 5
Performance: / 5
Durability: / 5