Last Day CNY 2017 Break

Wow! This year CNY break in office are quite different than previous one, which is a good thing. It’s 2 days before CNY 2017 and the new company I’m working at, is having a small Chinese New Year break with all the fun, lucky draw and food session.

For the the lucky draw session, we have to exchange the prize with a colleague and guess what? I got myself RM300 Aeon Gift voucher and my colleague got a 43″ Sony Smart TV! Now I can buy something for myself with the vouchers!

I thinking of getting a standalone Blu-ray player, which I’m still making a decision whether to get it or not since my PS4 having low sound output when playing Blu-ray movies.

I should have eaten more of fruits especially the watermelon, because I’m damn thirsty that afternoon.

Back to the topic, should I just buy some Cola drinks for CNY? Well, RM300 vouchers are quite a lot you know, can get some snacks, drinks, clothes etc. Nothing to complain about but I do lose RM10 in a small game session. LOL.

Breaks ended at around 3pm but I stayed a little longer to fix some work stuff, then i sped off back home like a crazy guy, happily with the vouchers, with Blu-ray player in my mind.

AEON Gift Vouchers
Since AEON Jusco Kepong just nearby my home, I can go for survey on the Chinese New Year Eve or on first day of CNY since AEON Jusco open during holidays. I might skipped all the heavy traffic jam in Kepong. Good plan, right?

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