Alpine Illuminati Color Change on CDE-163BT

Alpine Illuminati Color Change

Ever wonder how to change the color of the Alpine CDE-163BT head unit? Check out the video below for some coolest color change using the Alpine Illuminati feature on the head unit. The lighting adjustment feature on Alpine will make your car look great at night and glow in the dark with any color you set, from red, orange, turquoise, gold, light blue and so on.

If you do not know how to access the Alpine Illuminati feature, check out the steps above and you will be able to get through it. You can change the lighting color that match with your dashboard lighting and i guess it will be pretty cool or try to customize to your liking for any Alpine owner!

Changing Color with Alpine Illuminati

Step 1
Long press the Option button and select Display

Step 2
Select Illuminati

Step 3
Select Disp for the display screen or Key for buttons and all the rest.

Step 4
Choosing Options will let you select 30 color. Choosing Customize will let you customize the color in RGB (Red, Green and Blue).

Alpine CDE-163BT Illumination Color Change from Ivan Cheam on Vimeo.

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