Incrae Weight Gain Supplement For The Skinny

Incrae Weight Gain Supplement Review

Having a skinny body figure will make someone low self esteem and not confident in life and if you think its hard to gain weight for skinny body, you’re wrong. Nothing is impossible if you try your best to gain weight. Here is the review for a weight gain supplement product called Incrae.

I’m a very thin and skinny person and weight 38kg only and i have eating disorder for not eating much. Previously never thought I can gain weight and never thought of gaining weight at all until I started hitting the gym.

About this Incrae weight gain supplement, i came across this product while browsing at and decided to giving it a try. The product comes in a small bottle with 60 capsules consist of orange and yellow color and recommended to take each every morning before breakfast according to the instruction given.

How Incrae Weight Gain Supplement Helps Me Gain Weight?

The Incrae weight gain supplement contains collagen, protein and vitamin C only as written on the bottle label. The first time taking it, I felt fatigue and sleepy exactly the same as mentioned by other buyers. The function of the supplement is to repair body metabolism and stimulate appetite. I felt very hungry and start eating more and more than before, at least 2 meals for lunch and every meal is ordered in large portion.

Weight Gain Dietary Supplement
1 week later, I went to the gym and decided to scale my body weight. I don’t believe it but for real I gained 2.4kg. So I continued and keep taking the supplement to help gaining weight and eat with big appetite. Incrae helps increase my appetite so I can eat more thus gaining extra more weight.

It was almost 1 and half month, I tried to get my latest body weight result and guess what? It’s 45.7kg now. I gained 5kg. This is a huge improvement in my life I ever had. I never thought of gaining weight successfully after 35 years.

Incrae weight gain supplement product works for skinny guy like me who wants to gain weight easily and if you’re looking for any dietary supplement product out there, I would recommend this product.

Side effects of taking Incrae? Sleepy. I’d stopped taking it after more than a month trying out this product. It works. But then I decided to gain weight myself by eating more food and frequently hit the gym. I followed my workout plan and tips and it gave me self motivation to gain weight without relying on the pills. For now I continue taking protein shakes and Blackmore multi-vitamins.

Tips: If you are taking this supplement, make sure to drink a lot of water. As you keep eating more and more, you will gain weight and fats will accumulate, so it is advisable to do exercise or prepare a schedule for workout at the gym to balance out your weight gain as well as burning the fats.

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