Kitaro Live in Genting Malaysia 2017

Kitaro Genting Malaysia 2017

The last time Kitaro performed in Malaysia was 6 years ago and guess what? He’s back in 2017 and is set to perform at Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting this December 2017.

The live performance Kojiki & The Universe will let you experience space-age scenes of the universe through his music and visuals by NASA and Kyoto University. Kojiki is Kitaro’s Grammy-nominated album with some of the all-time popular new age music tracks including Hajimari, Sozo, Koi, Matsuri, Orochi, Nageki, and Reimei. Time to experience the Japanese drum beats, flutes, and synthesizers that will connect you to a whole new level of space-age music.

For all new age music fans, this is the time to get the tickets before they sold out. Tickets prices range from the lowest RM138 to RM548 for VVIP.

The event starts at 10pm so you can have some time exploring the new Sky Avenue shopping mall in Genting. Can have some time to walk around outdoor or indoors, or have a hot cup of coffee. It sure is one of the most enjoyable moments at Genting. Right?

OMG OMG, what a great way to celebrate Christmas this year as you can take a cool breeze and enjoy the cold fresh air at Genting Highland. I just can’t wait for the 20th Century Fox World theme park opening, for the opening date, still no news of it. Just have to wait for the big news.

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