If you have heard of 3D, how about the 4D movie experience? The MX4D system is the latest 4D technology I have experienced in MBO cinema at Starling Uptown. It is the first 4D movie experience in Malaysia, which is said the technology came all the way from Australia.

The first time I saw these cool seats, I asked my friend Tommy, “Do we have to wear any seatbelts?” The seats are quite similar to those in the theme park ride but without seatbelts of course.

It was an amazing ‘ride’ while watching IT movie. The MX4D let you experience a movie more than the D-Box. The motion seats are all connected, unlike D-Box which is isolated and have an adjustable level of shakiness, if you know what I mean. MX4D have none, and it shakes even harder. The ‘See, feel and smell‘ are real when you go for MX4D.

Example during a windy scene in IT, there is wind blowing right on my face, that came from a hole on the armrest as well as the headrest and leg area. And not to miss out the bloody basin and bathroom scene in IT where blood splashing out from the basin hole, there is water sprayed right on my face, OMG. Yeah, my face all wet because there are a lot of water scenes in this movie.

I can also smell something when a car passed by, not a good smell though. There are two spotlights on the left and right wall that did quite well in adding effects when there are lightning scenes or flashing light bulbs, yeah you know, horror movies.

The MX4D motion seats are quite different from D-Box seats, I can feel something hitting my backside (similar to a massaging chair but this is like someone kicking your butt experience) when the kid fall down on the street. The motion seats can go sideways, up & down according to the camera angles in the movie.

MX4D Starling
MX4D can be a lot more awesome when watching such sci-fi and action movies. I’m definitely waiting for my next ‘ride’ to watch Star Wars The Last Jedi in MX4D. The downside is not about MX4D, all I can say the new IT movie is just another boring horror movies. I can’t get to feel the movie as the scare tactics are quite dull and Annabelle 2 was way better. But the motion seats did a great job as I can feel those hard thumping.

MX4D is quite intense and fun to experience if you haven’t tried it yet.