8 Best DIY Home Sanitization Tools to Use 2021

Best Sanitization Products For Home 2021

In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading into your home, it is important to clean and disinfect. According to a study, there are a few preventive measures that we can follow to protect ourselves from infection.

As we obey the rules and practicing social distancing outdoor, we should also know how to stay safe at home during the pandemic. Here is a basic guide to disinfecting your home today against Coronavirus includes following these easy steps:

Basic Home Cleaning & Disinfect Methods

    1. Clean up any messes around the house
    2. Clean with disinfectant products
    3. Sanitizing surfaces with sprays
    4. Wash hands frequently
    5. Remove dust
    6. Clean air with air purifier
    7. Wash hands frequently
    8. Use fogging machine for disinfection

No place should have trash, cigarette butts, or any stray items in it. Keep windows and doors clean. If there is a lot of dust in your home, you should purchase and use an air purifier, this should prevent dust from building up and transmitting the virus.

Frequently touched by family members staying under one roof. Use disinfectants in the bath and kitchen to eliminate bacteria and keep water supplies clean. Use sanitizing sprays on any surfaces including tabletop, doorknobs, door handles, light switches, and faucets.

A spray sanitizer can be sprayed on surfaces and left to sit for a minute, wiping clean. Preventing the virus is one of the best ways to prevent transmission, so it’s important that everyone in your household take precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Wash hands before and after preparing food, brushing teeth, touching face or hair, eating, and smoking. Make sure your hands are not directly touching food, use a hand sanitizer or wash hands to clean it. Have family members be as healthy as possible and prevent them from coming into contact with others who are sick by not sharing drinks or eating in the same locations where others have been.

Sanitization Tools For Home

This article is designed to help you make the best use of the home sanitization tools for cleaning and disinfection that is available to you in this busy modern day. The list below are some of the best household disinfectant products and can effectively eliminate any bacteria or kill viruses to keep the family safe.

This list can be used as a guide for you to purchase the most efficient disinfectant product on the market. Other than home sanitization, we also include some sanitization tools & products for self-protection against viruses and bacteria whenever you leave your home.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 3H


It is important for you to clean up the air in your home when using many types of disinfectants. Air Purifier is a great alternative to using your vacuum cleaner, it is a unique tool to clean up the air from harmful bacteria and viruses. This home air purifier is effective captures dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, mold, and eliminating odors, bringing fresh and healthy air to your house.

Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Forehead Body Temperature Infrared Thermometer


The forehead infrared thermometer is one of the most essential measuring tools when it comes to body temperature. The forehead infrared thermometers are a fast and convenient way to measure the body temperature. It is very affordable and effective way to find out whether or not you have a fever or not. For example, if your forehead feels warm to the touch, it means that your body temperature is up and you may suffer from flu.

Dettol Disinfectant Spray

Dettol Disinfectant Spray Morning Dew


Help protect your family from germs, bacteria and viruses. For disinfectant and sanitisation use on surfaces such as kitchen bins, door handles, etc. Effective and kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, salmonella and the flu virus.

Different fragrances are available including Morning Dew, Crisp Breeze, Lemon Breeze, and Lavender Breeze.

UV Light Sanitizer

UV Light Sterilizer


The UV light sterilizer is small, portable, and can be carried anywhere you go. The UV light is a high germ-killing rate which can reach 99.9% of disinfection and sterilization. it is efficient and safe because there is no chemical use. Suitable for disinfecting germs on mobile phones, iPads, keyboards, remote controls, door handles and etc.

Airbot iRoom 19000Pa

Airbot iRoom Portable Vacuum Cleaner


Portable Vacuum Cleaner is an essential item for every home. If you are tired of cleaning your house every day, then this machine will be the perfect solution for you. It is lightweight can be carried anywhere around the house. The Airbot iRoom is a cordless vacuum cleaner, to ensure cleaning without the problem of tangled wires.

Hand Sanitizer Non Alcohol

Hand Sanitizer


Hand sanitizer is an essential item for every home. With this hand sanitizer, you will be able to disinfect your hands and minimize the chance of getting infected. It is available in different flavors such as hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and etc.

Quantum Ion Mask

Quantum Ion Face Mask


This face mask is washable without losing its shape. Quantum Ion Mask has enhanced protection compared to normal surgical masks and it is the world’s first Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation. It is a high effective rate and kills 99.99% of covid, bacteria, and fungus.

Face Mask With Eyes Shield



2 in 1 face and eyes protection prevent droplets and dust. Available in different colors including black, sky blue, rose pink, light pink, gray and navy. This mask have great design, comes with adjustable ear strings, detachable eyes protective shield, comfortable to wear and suitable for all head sizes.

Material is made of Polyester fiber (polyester) + PET and washable.


Coronavirus is a human respiratory disease. It includes symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and headaches. It is advised to disinfect your home and take extra care with the infected person. Infected persons should be isolated from the general population to help to prevent the spread of the virus. The Coronavirus has affected people all over the world.

Basic prevention methods include handwashing, avoiding kissing or sharing drinks and foods with an infected person, and not touching your face if you have been exposed to the virus. You can also protect yourself from infection by disinfecting your home if someone in your household is infected.

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