TAEYEON Concert in Singapore – ‘The ODD of LOVE’ Day 2

Unforgettable Experience at TAEYEON Concert in Singapore, 20th August 2023

D-1: Taking the Bus to See TAEYEON Concert in Singapore

I was really excited for TAEYEON concert in Singapore and have waited for it for a while. I love her and her music. She was the only member of SNSD performing for Asia tour at that moment, so I’m all in for this concert. It’s the day before the concert and I’m starting to make content for my vlog. I found TUMY and got on the bus with other SONEs, which was lucky. I found a budget hotel near KL Sentral called PODs The Backpackers Home & Cafe in Brickfields KL, which was only an 8-minute walk from KL Sentral. I stayed there for a few hours until 4 am and then left for TAEYEON concert in Singapore.

I have to use my mobile phone to record the silent vlog and ended up with shaky footage. Well, as you know for concerts, no digital cameras or film cameras are allowed, so I have to leave my camera at home and try out vlog for the first time with my mobile phone. My vlog has failed as well as the so-called Oppo 40MP phone camera quality is almost like old school compact camera. LOL. I don’t mind as long as I enjoyed the concert. Right?

It brings me so much excitement to express the fact that I have been an avid follower of the vocal queen TAEYEON since the inception of her first ‘I’ mini album. Being able to witness her musical journey and growth has been an absolute privilege for me. And, to add to my already mounting excitement, this will be my very first time attending a concert by a Korean artist.

I was greatly appreciative of my friend’s help in getting a ticket to the TAEYEON concert in Singapore. I wasn’t able to secure a ticket myself, but my friend was able to get me Day 2 concert tickets. I was thrilled and had planned to go all out and pay whatever the ticket cost was just to get closer to TAEYEON. LOL.

Let’s get fired up in the mood and continue with the journey to TAEYEON concert in Singapore. At 4 am I walked to KL Sentral which took me 10 minutes to reach the meeting point with other Malaysian SONEs to board the bus. However, the bus was slightly behind schedule, causing us to depart a little later than expected at 6.30 in the morning. But the delay couldn’t dampen our spirits, and we were all revved up and ready to make the most out of the day ahead! There isn’t much to do on the bus, except sleep. I hope I didn’t snore and annoy fellow SONEs.

I actually found out that there are private car services in Singapore to Malaysia. These services cater to various needs, from airport transfers to special occasions, business meetings, and leisurely city tours. Yeah, traveling in a luxury private car seems to be the best way if you are traveling with family or friends and don’t want to drive.

I was lucky to have found TUMY – Taeyeon Union Malaysia and boarded the bus to Singapore. Otherwise, I would have had to travel alone and would probably have gotten lost. The TUMY admins handled everything smoothly for fellow Malaysian SONEs, ensuring that all of us arrived safely at the concert. A day trip would be good enough as I didn’t plan to stay overnight, well as Malaysians, you’ll know well enough the reason behind it. LOL.

Guess what? I was lucky enough to be in TAEYEON’s official SM IG here during the Malaysian SONEs photo session but you can’t see me as I’m way hidden behind.

D-Day: TAEYEON Concert in Singapore

Going through Singaporean immigration is a quick process; simply scan your passport and you’re good to go. We arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium around noon, with ample time before the concert. Therefore, we decided to have lunch individually at Kallang Wave shopping mall, which is conveniently located beside the stadium. I went to Subway and got myself a sandwich which cost me SGD$7 (RM23.96) and the payment method can be using Visa pay wave or credit cards.

In the meantime, I went to Kallang Wave’s Starbucks to meet up with a fan who helped me pick up my Girls’ Generation official lightstick that I had purchased on Krmerch online for SGD$75 (RM260). I felt that I needed the GG bong, as I would feel weird going in and back home empty-handed and also a way to show support to the artist.

GG Bong SNSD Lightstick

At around 3 PM, we all gathered for a photo session. However, I missed the TUMY group photo because I was already busy lining up at the premium entrance, eager to enter the stadium. LOL! I got myself the CAT1 seating just a few rows from behind but that is still okay for as long as I’m there to experience my first TAEYEON concert. Entering the concert was easy, and I had to go through a security check. Just make sure you don’t bring anything unimportant, or you will be stopped. The security was quite happy when they saw me bringing only the GG bong, batteries, and nothing else. I even threw away my leftover mineral water before entering. “Wow, it’s great that you only brought this with you, very good!“, the security said. And I gave her thumbs up and replied, “Yes, only this. Thank you, thank you!

The opening reel and the moment when TAEYEON first appeared from the shadows on stage for INVU were amazing. It was my first time seeing her in person (although it was a little far), and it almost brought me to tears. I’m not exaggerating. I’m pretty sure she was full of energy and performed at 101% on Day 2. By the way, I have compiled The ODD of LOVE setlist including songs from INVU album she performed in Singapore. I also handpicked some of my favourite songs so feel free to check it out!

Taeyeon Concert in Singapore 2023

There was a time when she spoke to the crowd. She mentioned that there would be new songs and concerts coming soon, so I guess I have to save up for that. It touched me when she said it had already been so long for 16 years ever since the Girls’ Generation and as a singer that she wanted to stay with her fans forever and ever. Thanks to Brandon for sharing this fan cam moment in the TUMY group and for recording it. As usual, she was lovely and cute. 😛 This 3-minute video clip is all you need to watch. It was funny – some fans imitated the barking sound, and she asked, “Did Zero come?” She then continued with the concert by performing ‘Timeless’ after finishing talking to her fans. She also mentioned that there will be a new album released soon during the concert in Singapore, and SONEs’ dream has come true with her 5th mini-album titled ‘To. X‘ a few months later.

The energy in the stadium was electrifying as we all sang along to TAEYEON’s best hits, INVU, Fine, Weekend, I, Stress, Spark, a few of the best emotional ballads and many more. There are non-stop cheering and screaming which really hyped up the moment. There were even moments where I found myself almost so fired up as she poured her soul into her performances, especially the opening song ‘INVU’ and when performing ‘Fine’ as well as other songs where she hit the high note. It was indeed a night to remember, and one that I will cherish forever. TAEYEON’s undeniable stage presence was absolutely breathtaking, and she always left me in awe with her incredible vocal and dedication to her craft. I can’t wait to see her live again and relive this unforgettable experience.

At some point during the live concert, I closed my eyes to actually feel her vocals, and that is how you do it. Close your eyes and listen, enjoy for a while with just your ears. Probably you can try it next time at any concerts because it feels good!

Feel free to check out my silent vlog. There’s nothing special about it, but you can watch some footages I’ve taken during TAEYEON’s concert in Singapore. I hope you won’t mind the shaky footage, as it indicates that I was enjoying the show while taking these videos as memories.

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