TAEYEON What Do I Call You Vinyl Review

Best Chill K-pop vinyl records for collectors: TAEYEON - What Do I Call You vinyl

My desire to add another vinyl from TAEYEON to my collection has finally been fulfilled. In 2023, I managed to secure the What Do I Call You vinyl album, a rare find in Malaysia. I had to order it through a trusted seller from Taiwan, the same one from whom I previously purchased the INVU vinyl album.

The “What Do I Call You” vinyl is a valuable addition to my vinyl collection for beginner audiophiles, as it represents a significant release in TAEYEON’s illustrious career. This EP, her fourth Korean-language extended play and the seventh in her impressive discography was officially released on December 15, 2020, by SM Entertainment. It comprises a captivating selection of six tracks that not only highlight TAEYEON’s exceptional talent and versatility but also offer a unique listening experience. This vinyl acquisition brings me closer to the artist’s artistry, allowing me to appreciate her music on a deeper level.

Best Chill K-pop vinyl for collectors: TAEYEON - What Do I Call You

The shipping of the TAEYEON What Do I Call You vinyl pleasantly surprised me with its early arrival, taking just over a week. Receiving the item brought me great joy. If you’re curious, don’t forget to watch the unboxing of the “What Do I Call You” vinyl on my YouTube channel. Even though the vinyl version came out in February 2021 and only includes six tracks, I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection. Most of the songs are my favorites. This album offers a chilled and relaxed atmosphere, featuring a blend of R&B, pop, and ballad genres.

I was fortunate enough to secure a copy of TAEYEON’s What Do I Call You vinyl album from a reputable K-Pop music seller on Shopee. The album cost me RM615.88, which is approximately USD$129.58. I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity, as I knew that such items tend to sell out quickly or increase in price over time.

TAEYEON’s vinyl discography has been a source of excitement for fans and collectors. To date, she has released four vinyl LP versions, including “INVU“, “What Do I Call You“, “I”, and “To. X“. Among these, her debut vinyl album, “I,” has gained particular notoriety in the second-hand marketplace. This record is now considered a rare find, and its price has surged to astonishing levels. To put it into perspective, I’ve seen copies of “I” on eBay listed for well above USD$3,000, a figure that some might find quite astonishing, if not outright ridiculous to buy.

The demand for TAEYEON’s vinyl releases, especially “I,” highlights the fervent passion of her fan base and the growing interest in K-Pop vinyl records. These items not only offer an auditory experience but also serve as valuable collectibles. The scarcity of “I” on the market only adds to its allure, making it a prized possession for enthusiasts who are willing to pay a premium to own a piece of K-Pop history.

This story also underscores the importance of staying vigilant and swift in acquiring vinyl records from artists like TAEYEON, as they can become coveted items over time, with their value potentially skyrocketing in the future.

The Sound Test on What Do I Call You Vinyl

Taeyeon What Do I Call You Vinyl

In TAEYEON’s album What Do I Call You vinyl, you’ll find a collection of six tracks that predominantly exude a chilled and introspective vibe. These tracks include “What Do I Call You,” “Playlist,” “To The Moon,” “Wildfire,” “Galaxy,” and “Happy.”

Among these, “Playlist” stands out as one of Taeyeon’s best songs, showcasing her exceptional vocal range and clarity, making it an ideal choice for testing the capabilities of the vinyl and the sound system. Remember to switch the vinyl speed to 45 RPM or else you will hear a male voice instead. LOL. Yes, What Do I Call You vinyl plays at 45 RPM.

Furthermore, at her “The ODD of LOVE” concert in Singapore, TAEYEON treated fans to live performances of several tracks from this mini-album. The songs she performed at the concert included “Playlist,” “Happy,” “Wildfire,” and “To The Moon.” These live renditions added an extra layer of depth to the album, allowing fans to experience Taeyeon’s musical artistry in a more intimate and immersive setting.

Where To Buy

When it comes to purchasing K-pop vinyl albums, there are a few key K-pop vinyl buying tips to keep in mind, but swiftness is of the essence. K-pop vinyl releases tend to generate an immense demand, and they can sell out in a matter of seconds upon re-release. For instance, the seller I acquired my vinyl from is based in Taiwan, shipped from South Korea but selling in Shopee Malaysia. The success of your purchase relies on selecting legitimate sellers with a proven track record, and this is a step you should never overlook. You can also find some used vinyl records for sale in Discogs in case you can’t get a new one and the pricing is based on the condition of the vinyl records.

In the fast-paced world of K-pop vinyl collecting, staying vigilant and quick to act is essential. By staying informed and conducting thorough research, you can increase your chances of acquiring the K-pop vinyl albums you desire before they become rare items.


At last, I’ve managed to secure two vinyl editions of TAEYEON vinyl album – ‘INVU’ & ‘What Do I Call You’. Here’s to hoping that she continues to release more vinyl versions for the benefit of her dedicated vinyl-collecting fan base. Finger-crossed and hoped she saw this post. LOL! The vinyl edition of TAEYEON’s album, “What Do I Call You,” offers an immersive and collector’s experience. This edition comes with a set of four large, visually stunning photo inserts that provide fans with a deeper connection to TAEYEON’s visual aesthetic and artistic vision. Additionally, the inclusion of a lyrics booklet enhances the overall engagement with the music, allowing listeners to delve into the lyrical content and immerse themselves in the storytelling.

What sets this vinyl release apart is the exceptional quality of the vinyl itself. The album is pressed on 180g vinyl, which is known for its superior thickness and weight, enhancing audio quality and overall listening experience. The fact that this vinyl is pressed in Japan adds an extra layer of prestige, as Japanese vinyl manufacturing is renowned for its attention to detail and dedication to achieving the highest sound fidelity.

Furthermore, this vinyl release represents TAEYEON’s second venture into the world of vinyl records, signifying the artist’s commitment to providing her fans with a tangible and high-quality format to enjoy her music. It serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of vinyl records and their importance in contemporary music consumption.

In summary, TAEYEON’s What Do I Call You vinyl edition is not merely an audio format but a carefully crafted, collector’s item that combines stunning visual elements with high-quality audio, setting a standard for the artist’s second foray into the world of vinyl. It offers fans a comprehensive and immersive listening experience that extends beyond the music itself.

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