How To Call Umbra in Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 14, World of Ruin

Call Umbra Final Fantasy

Looking for a dog named Umbra or found yourself lost in FF15 last chapter? After you have reached the last chapter World of Ruin in Final Fantasy 15 but only realized that your level is too low and having a hard time fight the bosses Iseultalon, Arachne, Behemoth King, and Ifrit in The Cure for Insomnia?

This FF 15 video below will guide you to return to the world by using ‘Call Umbra‘, so you can complete the side quests, leveling up, find more treasures, or monster hunting for more Gil to stock up your healing items and preparing for the last final boss fight in the game.

The recommended level in The Cure for Insomnia is at least level 45, if you are anything below, you are doomed as you have to fight the boss with level 72 such as the Iseultalon. I find it quite hard for the boss to fight even at level 44 and need lots of healing items because the bosses here can kill you with one hit.

Thought you are already at the point of no return and stuck in the game forever? Not yet, as in Chapter 14, before you head out to Insomnia, you have the last save point at Hammerhead and you can return to Lucis & Altissia to explore the world easily with this Final Fantasy 15 video guide.

Calling Umbra in Final Fantasy XV can help you time travel back to the open world. Umbra is a grey color dog (it looks adorable IMHO) that belongs to Princess Lunafreya and he carries messages for Prince Noctis and Princess Lunafreya. Umbra is a magical creature because it can travel forth and back in the open world.

By using Umbra in the last chapter, you will travel 10 years back before the World of Ruin main quest, where the open world is dark all the time and infested with all kind of monsters. If you haven’t finished exploring the Insomnia open world, now is the best time to find the dog and get back there to run some errands, upgrade weapons, do side quests or power-ups your FF15 characters before the last battle.

Check out the Call Umbra video below.

All you need to do is go to the caravan and select the third option ‘Call Umbra’ and he will take you back to the world. That was easy! It took me some time to figure out as I proceed with the game too fast and levels are too low, hopefully, this video might be useful if you are not sure how to get back to Insomnia.

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