Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review: The Best Jurassic Park Movie Ever

Oh man! I bought an MX4D ticket to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and it was freaking awesome and entertaining. These type of box office movies blend quite well with the MX4D especially for the action scenes and special effects.

If you haven’t watched any movies featured on MX4D, you should try to experience it, at least once. I’ve watched 3 MX4D movies so far, IT, Deadpool 2 and the latest one Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom. The first MX4D movie I’d watched was IT, kind of sucks because of seating on the front row, too near to the screen. Neck pain. I guess the best MX4D seating is in the back seats.

I’m a fan of Jurassic Park movie since young and I have all the Jurassic Park Trilogy Blu-rays and guess what? My favourite first Jurassic Park movie was back in 1990 and had been watching hundreds of times, I kept nagging my cousin almost every day just to get the videotape. Okay, now I’ve grown up, I understand how annoying back then. 😛

The new movie considered ‘one hell of a ride‘ and I think it is the best Jurassic Park movie ever made compared to the previous JP movies. Why it’s one of the best of all Jurassic Park movie? Now here come the spoilers.

The whole movie is all about ‘run for your life‘ and saving the dinosaurs in Isla Nublar from the volcano eruption that will kill the entire species. The characters Claire and Owen from previous Jurassic World then teamed up to save Blue, the velociraptor that Owen been nurtured, bonded and taken care of since young. The 11 species are supposed to be evacuated to a new island but things went chaotic after that. New casts were introduced in Jurassic World 2.

I said it’s the best because it brought up the story of how the dinosaurs became extinct in the first place back in millions of years ago on Earth, with hot lava on the island killing all the dinosaurs. So far none of the other JP movies showcases it because the previous movies are more to running and hiding, which were quite similar. Not bad after all.

The volcano eruption that killed the dinosaurs is the main point of the movie. The jump cliff and the Brachiosaurus scene at the dock are quite sad too, to see those animals died. The lady that sat next to me was wiping her eyes, not sure if she cried or what. LOL.

Now something different about the Fallen Kingdom is the storyline, it makes no sense but extraordinary. The 11 dinosaur species evacuated to the underground of a huge mansion. What a clever idea! Those new dinosaurs featured in the film are way bigger, a lot more teeth and hungrier than before. The MX4D really add the effects while watching, especially those heavy dinosaur footsteps. The seat is shaking hard.

The newly created Indoraptor in this trilogy is EPIC. It’s modified to look bigger, fiercer and combats ready. The Indoraptor red eyes and black skin matches really well with its killer look characteristic. It made the never seen before ending so thrilling and breathtaking.

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