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Flying Tiger TVB Drama

I’ve been watching “Flying Tiger” TVB Series for a few weeks now on Astro AOD and kept listening to the opening theme song. It was one of the catchiest TVB songs ever I’ve listened to. The song “Reunion” is sung by Raymond Lam and MC Jin. If you have trouble finding it, here’s the opening theme song with the full version of the rap by MC Jin.

For the ending theme song, “Although This World” (雖然這個世界) is performed by the actors, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong from Flying Tiger. This song lyrics are also quite nice and catchy.

Both the 2018 TVB songs “Reunion” and “Although This World” (雖然這個世界) is also available for free listening on Spotify.

The storyline in Flying Tiger also good too especially when the director used Grey Grad filter or ND filter that adds a greyish effect that suits the whole drama scenes. That’s the filter you’ll normally see in photography, in social platform Instagram or VSCO.

Flying Tiger 2 is back and this time the opening song is performed by Karen Mok titled, ‘Breathing Is Hazardous’. Check out the music video below, it is kind of a dreamy song that is easy for the ears.

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