How To Keep Myself Busy At Home?

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I’ve taken a break from work but still don’t get used to it. I felt like I need to do something about it to keep myself busy during the day.

At the moment I’m thinking of cancelling my gym subscription at Chi Fitness to save some cash and get myself some dumbbells and a bench which cost about 300 bucks for all. Of course, it’s cheaper and I can work out daily or anytime I like.

I don’t feel like driving and going to the gym when I’m at home. At least at home, I get work out consistently than going to a crowded gym, yet have to wait for turns using the equipment. I’m not sure how safe is the equipment, just hope I don’t hurt myself at home.

Funny Gym
I officially quit my job at a company that gave me a lot of benefits within these 2 years including trip to Bintan, dinners, angpows, indoor parking and all. I’ve been working for 2 years plus and I’m at my limit and feeling tired. I felt like the need to look for a new environment and fresh start, I guess that was what other does, yay or nay?

Oh, I’m going to relax and do my own stuff including promoting new cosmetic products, some website side projects as long as I have money to pay the bills in the coming months. Man, been calling my friend for the meeting but not getting there yet.

As some saying, ‘There Is Always Light, Even In The Darkest of Times‘.

I know the path will be a lot harder but I’m a survivor, I’m a fighter. I won’t die easily because I fight to survive. I’m just worried about my muscle shrinking and getting back to my previous state. Noooo…!!!?

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