Kodak Vision3 250D Night & Day Test Shots on Contax G1

The Kodak Vision3 250D is a daylight-balanced 35mm motion picture film and I did a film photography experiment by shooting it during the day & night. I would like to see the look of Kodak Vision3 250D night results and do some travel portraits and street shoot with it. Also known as the Eastman 5207, I bought the 35mm film online and tested the film stock on my Contax G1 by shooting indoors and outdoors. I kind of like the results for indoor shoots with good light sources.

I’ve never shot any 35mm film stocks with ISO below 400 at night so I did a test for this film experiment project. As usual, I set my Contax G1 to the film speed which is ISO 250. I know I’m not as creative as other film photographers such as shooting portraits with LomoChrome Metropolis film stock, but I just did shoot on what I see and like. I’m trying to do more similar movie shots for this shoot, which I’ve done for Rick & Mick’s vacation photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Shooting Indoor with Kodak Vision3 250D 35mm Film

Kodak Vision3 250D Night
Kodak Vision3 250D, Contax G1 // Genting, September 2022

I seldom travel to do film shots, so I might think of doing it more often now. I’ve been doing some tests with the Kodak Vision3 250D indoor at Genting Highlands. I find a few photos that are really interesting but not as good as the Kodak Vision3 500T for the night shoots project. Recently I got some blurry photos due to my hand being shaky in low light. Shooting indoors with the Kodak Vision3 250D is quite a challenge and interesting. I always tried to shoot in a place with a well-lit light source.

I might sound worried in this post because this is the first daylight-balanced film stock I’ve shot at night. But it turns out there is some interesting colour tone from the film test. I really like the yellow-orange cast in my photos, indeed looks cinematic. If you watched Ad Astra, Ready Player One, Thor, Dunkirk, and so on, these movies are actually shot with the Kodak Vision3 250D. I tried to shoot as cinematic as possible with this film stock.

I was shooting wide-open aperture at F2 to get more light for my camera, while I look out for available light in my surrounding, mostly tungsten light. I admit my depth of field is kind of off and out of focus in some of the test shots.

Shooting Portraits with the 35mm Motion Picture Film Stock

Kodak Vision3 250D Travel Portrait
Travel Portrait for Rick from Australia
EASTMAN 5207 Travel Portrait
Travel Portrait for Dewi from Jakarta

I was trying out another round of portraits and streets using the Kodak Vision3 250D 35mm film in the daytime and the results are looking amazing. It does look different and the photos turned out to have more contrast and saturation. which I really like. As a personal vacation photographer, my job is to shoot vacation street photos for tourists in Kuala Lumpur. Here is a sample shot of portraits of Dewi from Jakarta and Rick from Australia, shot with the Kodak Vision3 250D. Sometimes you don’t want to mess up getting blurry vacation photos, so I tried to hold my film camera as stable as possible, and always have backup shots on my Fujifilm X-T4 camera. It turned out amazingly good.

Final Thoughts

Shooting at night on film camera with a suitable film speed is a must. You can check some film shots at night with the Eastman 5219. It is advisable to go for higher ISO and of course with a steady hand if you don’t have a tripod. I would recommend using the Kodak Vision3 250D (Eastman 5207) 35mm film for daylight use. This film stock is perfect for portraits and travel photography.

Kodak Vision3 250D Night Shoot
Kodak Vision3 250D, Contax G1 // Genting, September 2022
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