My Top 10 Best Portrait Shots in KL – Travel, Casual & OOTD Photoshoot

Best Portrait Photography Shots Kuala Lumpur

I wanted to start this post with some of my favourite shots from the past year. Portrait photography is a creative type of photography that typically emphasizes the individual’s or family’s image. With such a diverse and creative field, learning how to take the best SOOC portrait shots may seem like a daunting task at first.

Here I’m going to share some of my best portrait photography shots using basic photography techniques explored various popular styles of portrait photography and offered portrait shooting tips for beginners in my previous post.

As I am still learning and exploring new techniques and skills every day, outdoor portrait photography is my favourite. I am not an expert in portrait photography and I hope I will be able to share the best outdoor portrait photography shots here as well.

Best place for a photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur? Good question, there are so many places but my favourite is undoubtedly Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Street, and many more. I have found here some of the ideas of the best places for portrait photoshoots in KL also be the best place to get great casual shots for your Instagram and other social media platforms.

Styles of portraiture

There are different styles of portrait photography that will attract different types of viewers. There is outdoor and indoor photography. Outdoor portraits are normally divided into individual shots or group shots. I love to shoot OOTD fashion, travel, and creative shots. These make the best portrait shots.

Shooting outdoors sometimes can be hard when there is not enough natural lighting. To counter this, you can learn the basics of camera settings, light, shadow, and subject tutorial which was mentioned in my portrait shooting tips from my previous post. Also, prepare and learn more about the best portrait poses for your next photoshoot to get amazing pictures.

Indoor portrait photography focuses on the portrait of one person. This type of portraiture is generally for use in magazines and other photo publications where they can be easily cropped and reshaped for special effects to create the best portrait shots.

As a personal portrait photographer in Malaysia, my favourite place to shoot is outdoor portraits because I like more casual, travel types of portrait shoots. I love to shoot outdoors on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Being creative is what I love about taking pictures, and there is just something about looking at a picture of a person with a creative photo background that gives me a sense of satisfaction. You might also want to check out some best cinematic portraits that I’ve shot in Kuala Lumpur.

Here are some of my best portrait shots in KL

Best Portrait Flash Photoshoot
Flash Photoshoot with @anis_kahar

Taken at a location near Merdeka Square, this photo was shot during outdoor flash photography. Edited with Classic Negative film simulation.

Best Fuji X Portrait For Travel
Outdoor Photoshoot with Azzura
Film Portrait Photography KL
Film Portrait Photography with @shirley_lsm

Recent street fashion weekend photoshoot with Shirley using film roll. Was shot in the concrete jungle of Bukit Bintang.

Best Portrait Photography KL
Portrait Photoshoot in KL with @alice_yokesze
Best Fuji X Outdoor Photoshoot
Outdoor photoshoot with @athawanii
Best Fuji X OOTD Portrait Photography
OOTD Photoshoot with @frostyaws
Best Fuji X Portrait Night Photographer
Night photoshoot
Best Fuji X Portrait Fashion Photographer
Fashion Photoshoot with Frost

Best portrait shots in a shopping mall, this photo series looks futuristic with its shadow and lining in the background. Edited with the film recipe for OOTD Fashion.

Best Fuji X Portrait Creative Photographer
Creative photoshoot with Nikki
Best Fuji X Portrait BTS best portrait shots
BTS Photoshoot with Seneo (one of my best portrait shots)

I am not a professional photographer that has years of experience but I learned bit by bit from friends, classes, and as well as self-learn from my experience, as there are saying, practice makes perfect. Here I have some perfect and best portrait shots that I love, shot in natural light.

Other than digital photography, I am also currently exploring film photography portraits with my vintage Yashica Electro 35 GTN film camera. I am a huge fan of vintage photography. I love to shoot vintage-looking photos that have a vintage feel, which is easily captured with film. That is why I love to use portrait film recipes to recreate the feel when using a FujiFilm X-Series mirrorless camera.

Once again I’m not an expert, I do realize that there are many different styles of portrait photography and I will try to share some examples. Here are some beautiful photos that I recently shot with my FujiFilm camera. I am taking on photography with the same enthusiasm as I take on life.

Check out my latest list of the best street photography shots in SOOC series. If you have any requests on what kind of portrait photography sets to create or what kind of photoshoot gives the best portrait shots, please do not hesitate to book a photo shoot session with me.

Are you in need of a photoshoot? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a session! I’m here to capture your moments and create stunning photographs.

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