Best Fujifilm X-T4 Camera Accessories Under $30

Fujifilm X-T4 Best Camera Accessories

As a Fujifilm X-T4 owner, you might want to get some camera accessories to either improve or protect your mirrorless camera. With the current size and weight of the X-T4, you don’t want to add any more extra weight to it and try to keep it as light as possible.

The X-T4 camera accessories can also help protect your camera under a harsh environment during outdoor photography, astrophotography, or portrait photography work. Here I have a list of the best camera accessories for X-T4 and why you need them.

If you are a personal travel photographer, you might want to travel light and keep your camera as lightweight as possible. A personal photographer’s job is to take clean and nice travel portraits for their customers.

There are a few must-have ways accessories that are the best value for money you can get to keep the X-T4 protected from scratches or to enhance your photography experience.

External Dual Battery Charger For Fuji X-T4

Fuji X-T4 Camera Accessories - External Battery Charger
It is best to use an external battery charger to make battery charging convenient for the Fujifilm X-T4 camera. It is much easier for travelling use, where you can charge the batteries while you’re away for a photoshoot and once you get back to the hotel, the batteries will then be fully charged.

The X-T4 camera uses the NP-W235 battery model and most dual battery charger you can find online comes with aftermarket batteries. There are no issues getting aftermarket batteries but make sure to keep track of the health of the batteries as some might not perform well.

Buy Dual NP-W235 Battery Charger Here

Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector

Tempered Glass LCD Protector Fuji X-T4
X-T4 is my third Fujifilm mirrorless camera and I will always get the tempered glass screen protector for my mirrorless camera. It keeps the LCD screen from fingerprints, dirt, dust, and even scratches. What I like about having the tempered glass screen protector installed on my X-T4 LCD screen is it won’t affect the touch screen functionality at all. Most of the LCD screen protector comes with tempered glass, a dust absorber, wet & dry wipes and it is easy to install.

Buy Tempered Glass LCD Protector For Fuji X-T4 Here

How to install: Clean the LCD screen to remove fingerprints or use an air blower or lens brush to remove any dust from the surface. Use the wet and dry wipes provided. Make sure there is no visible dust on the LCD screen. Peel off the thin plastic on the screen protector and carefully place it on the X-T4 screen evenly.

Hot Shoe Covers & Release Button

I like to use the shutter release button because it adds a vintage look to my camera, and it comes in different colours. Having the release button makes my portrait photoshoot much easier as I really like the feel of half-press the shutter button.

There are many brands out there and JJC is one of the release button products you can get for under $30. If you aim for higher-quality soft shutter release button with a custom design or pattern on it, go for Artisan Obscura or Hyperion products but it will cost more of course.

If you are looking to make your camera looks unique, there are many hot shoe cover and shutter release design you can choose from and some design come in pairs. I might consider getting that nice button and hot shoe from Artisan Obscura because the wooden design adds a more vintage look to the camera.

Buy Release Buttons For Fuji X-T4 Here

How to install: Some release buttons might come with an O-ring. Put the ring on the button and carefully screw it onto the shutter button thread on the X-T4. Do not screw it too tight.

Wrist / Hand strap

If you don’t like using the neck strap, you can get the hand strap instead and you will have less worry dropping the camera. By using the camera hand strap, you can quickly get the shots you wanted and less hassle than having a neck strap.

In my opinion, the hand strap is great for street photography where you will be moving around and want to quickly take snapshots but when it comes to portrait, it is better to have the neck strap instead.

Buy Wrist Strap For Fuji X-T4 Here

Metal Hand Grip Extender

Having a metal handgrip will give you a more secured hand grip as the original grip might not be enough for big hands. The handgrip also helps to protect the camera from accidental knocks. Although this might add weight to the X-T4 or any Fujifilm camera, the metal grip can protect your camera from a harsh environment or minor accidents.

The brand that you can look for out there is SmallRig products. For a much cheaper price solution, you might also want to check out JJC & UURig, they also produced some really high-quality hand grip materials.

Buy Metal Grip For Fuji X-T4 Here

How to install: All metal handgrip comes with an Allen key. Carefully align and screw into the X-T4 bottom mount with a Philip screwdriver or coin, and make sure it is not too tight.

Camera Cage

The camera cage might add some weight to the camera, but if you don’t mind the weight, the camera cage will ensure full protection to the camera body. The camera cage is usually used to build a camera rig for video and also to protect the camera body.

There are many camera cages out there in the market but SmallRig is one of the most popular brands when it comes to building a rig and camera accessories.

Buy Camera Cage For Fuji X-T4 Here

USB Data Cable

Tether Shooting Fuji XT4 Capture One
USB data cable is useful when it comes to studio photography and tethered shooting indoor where you will need a compatible USB cable for the X-T4. Find out more in the tether shooting guide which is suitable for all Fujifilm camera models.

Must Have X-T4 Camera Accessories

First of all, with the most affordable price under $30, the above list is the must-have camera accessories for your Fujifilm X-T4 camera. What are the camera accessories that you have on your Fujifilm X-T4? After getting my X-T4, I would quickly order the shutter button release, screen protector, and hand strap for the basic as I find it quite useful and it does make my camera looks cool and unique too!

  • Shutter Release Button
  • LCD Screen Protector
  • Wrist Strap
  • Metal Hand Grip
  • Lens Filter
  • Camera Bag
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