Best Experience With Frost Yaw At Miss Universe Malaysia 2020

Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 e-Gala with Frost Yaw

A million thanks to Frost Yaw to have tagged me along to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 e-Gala night. It was one of my best and first experiences behind the scenes of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in Malaysia. I’ve always heard and watched beauty pageants on TV but this year my dream came true without expectation and experienced it behind the stage.

Frost Yaw was the 1st runner up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 and got invited to this year’s event to present the awards to the winners on the stage. This year, the pageant contest was shown in a live stream due to the pandemic.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 e-Gala Beauty Pageant Contestants
Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 e-Gala Beauty Pageant Contestants

We were there early around 2pm for the e-Gala night live streaming event, as Frost has to get prepared for her makeup and hairdo.

I took some behind the scenes videos around, during Frost’s makeup and also get the chance to interview Shweta Sekhon, the winner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2019. We get to interview her about the Peranakan costume that she wore on stage.

After Frost was done with her hairdo, we were still 2 hours earlier before the pageant contest going live at 5pm and chilled for a while, staying calm until the beauty pageant contest starts.

Frost Yaw Presenting Awards To The Winners at Miss Universe Malaysia 2020
Frost Yaw presenting awards to the winners at Miss Universe Malaysia 2020

There are singing and dance performances to get the online audiences entertained in between the pageant e-Gala night while the contestants get prepared for the next round.
Sweta Sekhon Presenting Award to Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Winner
Sweta Sekhon presenting award to Francisca James, Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 winner

I took quite a lot of behind the scenes videos with Frost at Miss Universe Malaysia 2020, during her makeup and hairdos. I have used the electronic shutter instead of the mechanical shutter to turn off the camera shutter sound, so it doesn’t disturb the event and the photos might look a bit weird but that was alright.

It was a fun experience and an unforgettable moment. It was a tiring day, pain on the leg but worth it, the next morning, we headed to the Perdana Botanical Garden for a picnic theme photoshoot. Took some photos but I felt like a zombie holding a camera. LOL. Sorry just joking… and here are the results using my new Viltrox 33mm f1.4 prime lens. I swapped my extra Fujifilm camera for this Viltrox lens and kept my Fujinon 35mm F2 aside.

Frost Yaw Photoshoot At The Park
Follow Frost Yaw on her IG @yawfrost and you can check out my photos at the Fuji X Portrait website for more fashion, lifestyle & landscape gallery.

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