Basic Aquascape Betta Aquarium Setup Guide

Betta Aquascape Aquarium Setup

I found out the aquascape betta aquarium setup is quite an interesting hobby. After viewing some aquascape tutorials on Youtube, I decided to set up my own low tech aquascape betta aquarium with aquatic plants. Aquascape is a great way to create a natural environment for your aquatic life.

There are a few things needed for the low-tech betta fish aquascape aquarium setup such as soil, sand, aquatic plants, Seiryu rocks, driftwoods, LED light, water filter, and so on. If you are building your own aquascape betta aquarium from scratch, having to wait for the aquatic plant seeds to sprout and grow takes lots of patience and time.

aquatic plant aquascape malaysia
It took about 3 weeks for my aquatic plants to be fully grown. It is important to have good lighting for plants. I have bought the most basic aquascape materials for my aquascape aquarium. I am currently using a 45 X 30 X 32CM fish aquarium tank with a capacity of 43 liters of water. With this size, it is more than enough for my betta fish. Also, make sure to have enough soils for the correct aquarium size.

How To Setup A Betta Aquarium With Aquascape

Here are some of the most basic steps to set up an aquascape betta aquarium.

1. Aquascape creativity

Use your own creativity to set up the aquascape aquarium with the rocks, sands, driftwoods, and soils.

2. Apply aquatic seeds evenly

Scattered the aquatic seeds evenly on the surface of the soil.

3. Water spray the seeds

Water spray the soil, make it wet but don’t overflood the betta aquarium tank with water.

4. Seal the aquarium

Airtight sealed the aquarium with transparent plastic to control the humidity.

5. Water the seeds and plants

Water the small aquatic plants until it grows.

6. Fill up water

Fill up the betta aquarium tank with water. Recommended to slowly fill it with water so no plants will be uprooted from the soil.

7. Water cycle run

Setup a water filter and cycle run the water for at least 1 week.

8. Clean up the betta aquarium

Pickup any floating and uprooted plants on the water surface.

9. Water change

Change water after 1 week.

10. Introduce betta fish into the tank

Slowly introduce the betta fish into the tank. Acclimate the fish and try not to put the fish straight into the tank.

I have filled my tank with aquarium soil, Seiryu rocks, mini hair grass, mini clover leaves, and white sand for the foreground. My ideas were to have a higher background and lower foreground with suitable plants.

Cryptocoryne Parva Aquatic Plant Malaysia
After my plants fully have grown, it’s time to fill in the water and let it cycle for at least a week. The water will look muddy at first, but after a few days of the cycle run, the water will become clear. Change the water for the second time or more before introducing betta fish into the aquarium.

Aquascape Betta Aquarium Malaysia Setup
I noticed that my aquascape betta aquarium setup is quite flat and lacks background height, so I added medium-sized plants called Cryptocoryne Parva to balance it out. I might add larger driftwood in the aquarium in the future. Based on my first aquascape experience, make sure to plan for the foreground and background before planting seeds or any aquatic plants because you only got one chance to do it.

The best aquascape ideas are to have large aquatic plants in the background and smaller plants in the foreground to create a ‘landscape’ in the betta fish aquarium, all this is all up to your creativity! There are many ways to get aquascape inspiration and ideas on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even Youtube videos. You can find tons of betta aquascape tutorials for beginners on Youtube.

The final result of my aquascape Betta aquarium setup

Betta Aquarium Aquatic Plant Guide
Aquascape Betta Aquarium Malaysia Seiryu Rocks Setup
I am quite happy with my first low-tech aquascape aquarium. What do you think of my first betta aquarium setup? Learn how to build a low budget aquascape fish tank now. Feel free to give some opinions and feedback in the comment below.

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