Top 10 Myvi G3 Modifications & Upgrades Must Have 2021

Myvi Gen 3 Modification & Upgrades

Car modification and upgrades can be a fun hobby for car enthusiasts if done correctly. I found out the Myvi is a cool looking compact car that’s I’ve heard it is the local ‘supercar‘ in Malaysia. I found out the latest 2020 Myvi 1.5 Advanced interior is quite neat and comfortable. The new Myvi also features an improved ASA 2.0 safety system.

Previously I was driving a Ford with a 6-speed transmission but I was totally turned off by the high maintenance and repair cost. That was the consequence of driving a continental car. Here I have compiled a list of 10 must-have upgrades for Myvi G3 and some minor performance modifications. The Myvi G3 upgrades mentioned below don’t really make your car looks fierce or with crazy-looking body kits but by maintaining the original Myvi look with some minor improved performance and look. The minor performance upgrade is good for the daily drive in the city. Some of the Myvi modification lists below might void your warranty, so modify it at your own risk. This is an educational guide only that provides ideas and inspiration on what you can do to upgrade or pimp‘ for your 3rd generation Myvi.

Before you proceed to modify Myvi for your car project, it is always better to ask your installer whether there is wiring cutting, tapping (best avoid these types of modification because it will void the warranty), or any complications involved during the installation. For plug and play, it’s much safer, at least.

So let’s get started with the upgrades you can do to your car.

1. Car Audio System

Myvi G3 10" Android Player
Myvi G3 Android 10 Player with bracket

Upgrading the Myvi sound system is one of my top priority upgrades because music is a must-have when driving a car, it gets you to relax, chill, and enjoy the sound. Whether you just want a simple or advanced, this guide assists you to better understand the car audio equipment you will need to change.

If you are planning to get simple car audio for Myvi, you can get started with a component speaker system that comes with a crossover, 6.5″ woofers, and tweeters. The first step for Myvi’s better car audio quality is replacing the OEM speakers. Your music now will sound clearer than the original speakers.

For more advanced car audio system setups on the Myvi, these involved adding car audio equipment such as the component speakers, car amplifiers, monoblock, subwoofers, aftermarket head unit, and DSP which I’ve done the SQ car sound system in my Ford. This will bring you to a new level of car audio experience, where you will get clearer vocals and a wider soundstage. I’m still using the same car audio setup except for the head unit which you can find out in my next post about Myvi car audio setup soon. For the best audio tuning result, check out RS Pro Auto Accessories in Kuala Lumpur. Both my Fiesta & Myvi sound system is tuned by a professional car audio tuner.

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As a driver, we must drive safely and care for the safety of other motorists, but sometimes we also want to provide our passengers with some entertainment too! Upgrading to an aftermarket head unit will give more options such as better map navigation, camera quality, and better audio-video quality. The most popular double din is the Android head unit for the third generation Myvi. There are many options out there in the market, the price range can cost from a few hundred to thousands of ringgit. If you are serious about car audio, it is recommended to get a good Android head unit with high specifications and output high-quality sound. With the Android head unit, you can customize and install your favorite Android apps for cars such as Waze, music/video player, and many more.

2. Interior Soundproofing

Myvi G3 Interior Soundproof
Image credit: Fasmoto
  • Eliminates vibrations
  • Reduces general noise for higher comfort
  • Improves quality of your in car sound system

Soundproof is beneficial when it comes to car audio and it helps to minimize noises from the outside. By doing car audio soundproof for Myvi, you will get tighter bass, improve clarity, and contain the sound inside the car. There are different layers of soundproofing materials. Car music enthusiasts usually go for 3 layers of soundproofing, especially for the doors. Interior soundproof can be done to the doors, hood, bonnet, and more.

3. Tinted Car Windows

Car Tinted for Myvi G3
Image for illustration only. Image credit: Carkaki

The benefits of getting tinted car windows for Myvi G3 including reduce UV glare, safety, security, protect windows glass from shattering, and keep the interior cool. I’ve heard many Myvi owners complain about the glare they got from the interior chrome parts, tinted windows might help lessen the glare. Just my opinion. It is recommended to go to a professional car window film installer as they will assist and recommends the best solutions for your car window tinting need. Remember to follow the tinted rules in Malaysia so you won’t get into trouble with the authorities.

4. Front Strut Bar

Myvi Modification Gen 3 Strut Bar
Myvi G3 Strut Bar – Image credit: SuperCircuit

The front strut bar is installed in the engine bay area, it provides safety and also helps to stabilize the car during cornering. Ultra Racing is one of the popular strut bars brands in Malaysia. Front strut bar for Myvi cost around RM200+. I recommend getting the front strut bars instead of the full sets because there are pros and cons of installing strut bars. If your car is only for city drive, it is not necessary to get the full sets. You can get strut bar brands in Malaysia including Ultra Racing & SuperCircuit.

Buy Ultra Racing Bar For Myvi

It is good to have full strut bars for racing on the track. The cons of installing the full set of strut bars are if you are involved in an accident, the hard impact from the accident might damage your car chassis, e.g bend of body/chassis. Racing on the street is illegal. So for a fun city drive, best get the front strut bar.

5. Sport Rims

16" Sport Rims For Myvi G3
16″ Sport Rims For Myvi G3 – Image for illustration purposes only. Credit: Permaisuri

The moment you’ve got your new car from the car dealer, the first thing in mind is to get cool-looking sport rims. There are many designs out there in the market, some are original and replicas. Replica sport rims cost much cheaper than the original. When you get the sports rims for your Myvi, it is recommended to get the same rim size or one size up, either 15 or 16-inch rims. Choose the rim design that you’ll like and make sure to choose the correct tire dimension so it doesn’t look oversize and… weird.

6. Lowered Sport Spring

Myvi Modification Sport Springs
Sport Springs for Myvi – Image for illustration only. Credit: Top Gear Malaysia

Need a lower ride for Myvi? Get the adjustable suspension system where you can adjust the hi/lo as you wish. You can adjust the Soft/Hard of the suspension based on your liking. An adjustable suspension for Myvi usually costs around RM2000+ and it is definitely worth investing in for your car if you like a lower ride. Another alternative for the lower ride is changing to the sport spring for city drive. There are many sport springs brands in Malaysia including Proexpert, Eibach, D2 Performance, and Ftuned. If you have a budget, get the Eibach sport spring for comfort and better handling.

7. Iridium Spark Plugs

Myvi G3 Iridium Spark Plugs
Changing the spark plugs can improve the performance of the car. The most popular spark plugs brand is Denso Iridium which I used for most of the cars I’ve owned. By installing the performance spark plugs, you can feel some minor improvement to responsive acceleration and fuel mileage. Before changing your spark plugs for Myvi, make sure to ask the installer for the correct spark plug code for your car model. Other iridium spark plugs brand you can try for Myvi 1.5 Gen 3 is Denso, NGK, and Brisk. You can also change the coil plug for more performance.

8. Drop-in Air filter

Myvi Gen 3 Drop-in Air Filter
Image credit: LYN

It is recommended to replace the OEM air filter with an aftermarket drop-in air filter because you’ll save the cost of changing the OEM air filter and cheaper than getting a cold air intake system! Just remember to clean the drop-in filter for dirt, dust & small objects. Your engine compartment will still look nice and neat the same as the first day you got your car. Drop-in air filters provide a slight improvement when the car accelerates. The most popular air filter brands in Malaysia you can consider are K&N or Works Engineering.

Buy Air Filter For Myvi

9. Throttle Controller

Throttle Controller
Throttle Controller for fast acceleration – Image for illustration purposes only

After installing and using the throttle controller on my Ford, I found the acceleration is very responsive. There are many throttle controller brands in the market for various car models. Make sure to ask the sellers if it is supported for use on Myvi G3. The throttle controller is drive by wire and is connected to the gas pedal and OBD port underneath the dashboard.

10. Alloy Crank Pulley

Lightened Alloy Crank Pulley
Image for illustration purposely only. Image credit: ExtremePSI

This is one of my favorite upgrades when it comes to acceleration. Upgrading to lightened alloy crank pulley will make your car acceleration lighter and more responsive. This was previously done years ago to my Kelisa with bolt-on turbo without any problems. But anything can happen, upgrade this at your own risk, take good care of your car, and don’t speed. The aftermarket crank pulley brand you can get for Myvi G3 is from Arospeed.

Buy Lightened Crank Pulley For Myvi

These are just some of my ideas and hope this guide will help you get some ideas on how to upgrade the Myvi Gen 3. Do you like the list above or have your Myvi modified? If yes, feel free to share this post with your friends. Also, let me know what modifications/upgrades you have done to your car in the comment below.

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