Kodak Vision3 500T 35mm Film & Contax G1 Test

I was excited to try my second roll of Kodak Vision3 500T film through its tests on my new Contax G1 film camera with the Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm F2.8 lens. For this test, I’m shooting both outside and indoors, just as when I’m testing my first motion picture film on my Yashica. The Contax G1 was much easier to shoot with because it is almost like a point-and-shoot camera, but it does feature aperture priority and manual modes. Find out more about the Contax G1 review and what I love about my new film camera.

I went out for a solo street photography photo walk session to put my last roll of Kodak Vision3 500T film from Darkroom8 for the Contax G1 test, and I made several experiments at the same place, which is also my favourite place for my next creative portrait shoot. I took glass reflections, cityscapes, and an indoor low-light test using tungsten lighting. I like the colour tone of the motion picture film.

It is very rare for me to go out for a walk alone. I was enjoying my Contax G1 while walking around the city looking for something interesting. It took me 5 hours to finish the entire 36 exposures and I was quite satisfied with this solo photo walk in the other hand able to train my leg to be stronger. The most important thing was I kept myself hydrated and fueled up my stomach with food. I dropped by a few cafes for a break in between the photo walk.

The Second Test on Kodak Vision3 500T Film

This is probably one of the most successful Contax G1 test project for me because the results from the shoot are amazingly sharp. While shooting with the film camera, I can shoot quickly without hesitating with the aperture priority mode, and it was quite similar to when shooting with my Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera.

Compose, check lighting, check shutter speed, and shoot. This is one of my strategies when I’m doing a solo photo walk. I was shooting in between F8 to F11 outdoor. The Kodak Vision3 500T with the Contax G1 film camera test was taken nearby a popular shopping district in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The photos from the Contax G1 really outstanding, in my opinion.

What Are All About These Film Camera Test Shots?

Sometimes after getting a vintage film camera, film photographers or film camera hobbyists will go for test shots with their film camera. These tests are to make sure everything is working properly, and there are no problems with the camera because some vintage film cameras and lenses can be 20 years old or more.
The film camera test is to make sure every function and feature on the vintage film camera and lens are working as it is. Many film photographers will also test out their favorite film stocks and see how are the final results for camera issues, whether there are light leaks, internal light meter issues, lens focusing issues or shutter jams etc. So, most common people might not understand what these tests are for.

Low Light Test

Contax G1 Low Light
Kuala Lumpur // May 2022

I was very impressed by the low-light performance of the Kodak Vision3 500T on the Contax G1. It did appear cinematic and clear. I try not to compare it to my Yashica test results because they are not in the same camera category, but I was astonished after opening and viewing the shots. I would say I have no problem shooting outside; just 4 out of 37 images are ruined due to a camera shake or blurred. The only error I made was forgetting to open up the aperture when shooting indoors which resulted in blurry images because of low shutter speed in low light.

I’m not sure how to describe it but I really like the place here and it was kind of like the vintage scenes from the 90s Hong Kong movies. I was relieved that I don’t have many struggles while shooting with the Contax G1.

Where To Find A Good Film Developer in Kuala Lumpur?

There are several film developers located in Kuala Lumpur but I always send my films for processing and scanning at my regular film lab called Darkroom8 Malaysia. They offer film services in Kuala Lumpur including film processing, film scanning, photo printing and fine art printing. You can also purchase some film stocks with them such as the bulk rolled Kodak Vision3 motion picture films. They also provide express film processing in Kuala Lumpur and you can check out more details on their Darkroom8 Malaysia website.

Usually, I will send most of the film for processing using Grab express delivery and I find it quite convenient for me as I don’t have to drive a long distance. Somehow I might one day, drop by their shop which is located in Taman Miharja, Kuala Lumpur.


Having not to manually focus is the quickest way to do street photography. The other technique is to use hyperfocal distance focusing, also known as zone focusing. This solo photo walk street photography is a success I would say. The results of the Kodak Vision3 500T on Contax G1 are pleasing. Now let’s check out all the photos I’ve taken during my 5 hours of the solo photo walk.

Successfully tested with no camera issues on the Contax G1.

Photo Gallery

Contax G1 City Landscape Photos
Kuala Lumpur // May 2022
Kodak Vision3 500T Contax G1 in Low Light
Chinatown KL // May 2022
Indoor Low Light Kodak Vision3 500T Contax G1
Chinatown KL // May 2022
Kodak Vision3 500T Contax G1 Reflection
Bukit Bintang // May 2022
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