Watch Tiesto Opening @ KL Live Malaysia 2017

Tiesto Malaysia HDR Photo 2017

It has been awhile since my last update on my blog and here I’m back again. Last Friday, I attended the Heineken event and watched Tiesto returned to Malaysia and performed at KL Live, thanks to my friend Tommy. I was there with Tommy and DJ Rowena. Guess this was my third time watching my favourite DJ, Tiesto live on stage. The last time was like 6 years back in Sepang.

Tiesto changed his music style and more to modern sound, more to progressive and big room music. I hardly heard any Trance from his set. But he indeed the coolest DJ on stage. My idol!

Captured a few Tiesto videos in KL using my new Huawei P10 Lite and the outcome was amazing. The video can go up to 1080p but due to low disk space, it automatically set back the quality to 720p HD.

Tiesto Malaysia Photo 2017
Shooting photos in low light were amazing too when using the Pro Photo and HDR mode. Huawei’s Pro Photo feature is similar to DSLR but the features are very limited.

The stage lightings and visuals were great too, I can see one of the crew was tapping on her equipment happily and professionally.

Back to Tiesto event, we were given VIP passes. There’s no need to squeeze with the crowd as VIP areas are located upstairs. I was grateful I met DJ Blink and stumbled upon my long time DJ friend, Chukiess at the VIP area. Well, you know, I seldom go to clubs now unless there are special events or DJ that I like to see. The last one was Paul van Dyk in KL.

Tiesto KL Live Photo
Too bad I can’t go live or live update the event as my data plan was depleted!

At Tiesto event in KL last Friday, I was unable to move around in the VIP area, so the photo was taken from my phone always stayed at the same location. Hope my readers don’t mind.

Now here the video

We left the scene and headed to Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang for supper and reached home around 3.30am.

Damn, I missed my 杯麵 so much that night. lol ?

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