A Wonderful Club Med Bintan Island Getaway Trip

Club Med Bintan Island

It was my first time travelling with my colleagues and bosses, far away from the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur city. I was so excited about the trip to Bintan Island located at northern Lagoi area of Indonesia.

The first day I woke up early at 5.30am and get ready to head to KLIA2 departure to Singapore. The flight took about an hour to reach Changi airport. Then we all went through the customs and immigration checkpoints in Singapore. From Changi airport, we have to take about 10-15 minutes taxi ride to the ferry terminal.

Bintan Island Ferry Ride
Ferry ride to Bintan Island

The ferry ride took about 2 hours, if not mistaken to reached Bintan Island. From the Bintan ferry terminal, there was already a bus waiting for us, specially arranged by my company, Colony Group. We reached Club Med Bintan Island Resort in the afternoon with welcomes from the hotel staffs, dancing and all.

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Day 1: Arrival At Club Med Bintan Island

Wow! It was love at first sight on the blue-green colour beach and amazed with the beautiful view from the Club Med Bintan resort. It was totally a paradise and a getaway for me! I was so excited to go to the beach the first day, but I have to follow the group for a short briefing. There, we regroup with the Jakarta team at Panorama Bar at Level 4 of the resort.

Club Med Bintan Island View
Club Med Bintan Island View

After the briefing, since we are all hungry due to the long journey, we headed straight for lunch. The restaurant served fine dine food, well I was hungry but my stomach not feeling well. I kept farting and my stomach got bloated. One word, no appetite and ate little that day.

Club Med Bintan Balcony View
Club Med Bintan Balcony View

After lunch, we regroup at the Panorama Bar and then escorted to our room. My room was located at the very end of the resort, pretty much like staying in the jungle. There’s no view of the beautiful beach and only facing toward a pond. It was quite a relaxing green environment though heard all the insects and birds chirping and of course monkeys!

We have been warned that there are a lot of monkeys wandering around. So we have to close our balcony door and windows all the time.

And finally, In the evening, it was ‘free and easy’, I headed to the beach for a while for a short walk, taking photos and selfies and all. Can’t really enjoy the beach before as there is not enough sunlight, so the sea looked a little dull that time. Well, then I headed back to the room to take a short rest. If not mistaken before we headed back, we actually went for archery at the sports centre.

Bintan Island Monkey
Spotted monkeys while walking to archery, and it’s not afraid of me… pfff!

Club Med Bintan Archery
Archery at Club Med Bintan, Sam & Jeremy

What’s good about the room in Club Med Bintan was, it is connected to the room next door, so if you have family or friends, you don’t need to be troublesome to use the main door to go to the next room, just use the ‘secret door’. But if need privacy, just locked that door and you’ll all good. The time in Bintan Island is behind 1 hour than local Malaysian time.

The night gets dark at 6.30pm faster on Bintan Island compared to Kuala Lumpur. Well, I have forgotten about the night part, if not mistaken for taking shower and all, I headed to the same restaurant again, for dinner, fine dining again. The food was… ‘Ok ok la’ for me.

After the dinner, I headed back to the bar for another short gathering before heading down to the ground floor for some drink. All the drinks at the bar are unlimited, so I can get whatever drink I want from beers, whiskies, cocktails to sparkling or custom blend of drinks etc. Damn, that was the best part!

Okay, back to the main adventure, we all headed back to our room and had a good night sleep.

Day 2: Team Building Day at Club Med Bintan

Club Med Bintan Breakfast
Breakfast in Club Med Bintan Restaurant

The next day, I woke up a little early, took a view from the balcony and have a smoke. Enjoy and relaxed! Headed for first breakfast in the morning, delicious! We all have a team building in the morning, I had so much fun but tiring that morning. Then again, after lunch, free and easy again.

Club Med Bintan Poolside Bar
Party comes alive at night at poolside bar

Poolside Bar in Bintan Island
The best place to hang out at night in Club Med Bintan is always at the poolside bar. There you can chill, have a cocktail drink and relax on the comfortable sofa. Don’t forget, you also can play pool game if feeling bored, but of course, you need to pay to play (psst, pay at La Boutique…). Thanks to my boss. I would say my amazing Hua Hin trip are way more chill & relax, find out more story behind.

Nothing much on the second day at the resort, it was a tiring day but team building was the fun of course. I went to the swimming pool and took a short enjoyable moment but hurt my ankle, skin peeled off. Some tingling pain after that. I am PAIN, so no worries.

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Club Med Bintan
Blue Lagoon Cocktail

If you would like to rest by the beach, best head to the beach bar and enjoy some ice cold cocktails with house music playing in the background.

Day 3: Free and Easy at Club Med Bintan Island

Now the third day and also the last day at Club Med Bintan, was a little more fun when we are free to do what we want to do at the resort. I went to the sports centre again for a short workout at the gym. Can’t complain much but with the basic gym equipment are all there. Then I have a fun basketball game with fellow colleagues. Due to my leg condition after the tug of war game during team building, I was unable to run or jump. Nevermind, I am PAIN, so no worries.

Club Med Bintan Lobster Meal
Lobster Meal

During the night, we have our last dinner and lucky draw, thanks to my company and bosses I’ve met new friends and colleagues from Jakarta. One awkward moment was I asked my colleague loudly about the lobster, “Ohh, the lobster meat only this part?!”, felt like not enough to me. Hope no one heard me that time. LOL. Paiseh. At around 10pm+, we headed to the poolside bar for the Neon Light party. Nothing much, but I was drunk after a little sip of beer and whisky Coke. Felt like dancing, but waist pain, getting old, you know? LOL.

Day 4: Bye Bye Bintan Island

At 12am sharp, music stopped and we all headed back to our room. Have a short chit-chat, packed up and went to bed after that. The next day, I woke up without the cigarettes, feeling addicted. Then we gathered in the lobby for departure to take the ferry ride back to Tanah Merah in Singapore. I have lunch at the new Terminal 4 in Changi airport, it is huge.

I took the flight at 4.30pm and reached KL at around 6pm. There go my 4 days 3 nights journey to Bintan Island. 🙂

All photos were taken with Huawei P10 Lite. 😉

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