The Lion Dream

Lion Dream

It has been awhile I didn’t get my blog updated. Not much thing have happened for the past few weeks, also it seems that I’ve been slowing down in reviewing HD music and I think I need to pick up the pace already.

Going to review some hard to find music from Jacky Cheung and a few cover songs by Sammy which I think is great for audiophile collection.

It’s going to be a long holiday for me starting on Wesak Day onward, as I took 2 days annual leave until the weekend. So I have at least 5 days to chill and relax, away from the hectic work.

And also I still remembered my last dream so clearly of a lion that jump into my house. As I look out the window, the lion tried to pull or touch my hand, I can’t recall. All I know is the lion have no bad intention to eat me in my dream. LOL. Maybe I watched too much animal documentary on National Geographic or Youtube.

I started to have amazing lucid dreams but seldom get nightmares for few years now which is a good news.

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