Kindness Is Magic

My previous post about “Back off For Good” are quite negative so I decided to change the title. I continued with the mirror part where I talked to myself until I found out something different about me.

That was when I saw some muscle shaping on my shoulder. Okay that’s one good news one step to bigger goal. Another good news is I begin to like TRX class!

Recently I was quite happy with the peoples around me. They are strangers but they shares and cares. Just like one afternoon during lunch time, I was lining up to get those mixed food. Too many people target at one food tray and it’s about to go empty and one Indian lady was kind enough, she left some of the food for me, although not much. “Don’t worry, still have some for you“, she smiled and I quickly thanked her with all my heart. LOL.

Something good also happened at the gym last few days ago. Below are the conversation.

Regular Gym Guy: Hi, What are you doing today?
Me: Back (Lats)
Regular Gym Guy: Nooo.. That one is for chest
Me: For chest? I thought that’s for back. No? ?
Regular Gym Guy: No no no no… For back you can do this do that (while he pointed at all the gym equipment for lats)
Regular Gym Guy: So you workout to get bigger?
Me: Yaya bigger ?
Regular Gym Guy: Then you must eat a lot (looked serious). Must eat must alot of chicken. You cannot eat the same food everyday, don’t always eat chicken rice chicken rice chicken rice chicken rice. Must eat different food. Eat a lot of chicken! Must eat a lot of chicken
Me: oh.. ok… ?
Regular Gym Guy: Or drink milk or protein
Me: How about protein? One day how many times drink protein?
Regular Gym Guy: Morning workout night!
Me: ohh… okok 3 times ?
Regular Gym Guy: Do you take up any personal training programme?
Me: No wo.. ?
Regular Gym Guy: I used to be blah blah blah.. (forgot what he say).
Me: So you mark down what you did?
Regular Gym Guy: Yes! I use app to mark down (then he show me the app)
Me: oooohhhhhhh. (nod head nod head like rock singer) ???

Another helpful guy.

Sometimes before I sleep, with the light turn off while on the bed, I closed my eyes and thank the person that helped me, including the ‘ah neh‘ that serve food to me at mamak. LOL. Try it. It really feels GOOD! But lately I fell asleep too quickly. No time to return merit.

I’ve been practicing for years not to gossip about people, not to scold people with foul words by mouth or heart and I will continue with this practice that I’ve learn from the 5 percepts.

I’m sure I will get sick this Labor Day weekend holiday. I started sneezing in the car while on the way to the gym and now I sneezed like no tomorrow, itchy throat is the sign of getting flu!

Okay no more EMO AF post after this. I promised. 😉

Stay POSITIVE all the time!

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