Mariah Carey The Ballads Album Review

Mariah Carey The Ballads Album Review

All I can say this album is hard to get anywhere in Malaysia nowadays and feeling lazy going to CD shop to look for it. So, why not buy it online? Mariah Carey The Ballads is an imported CD I bought low-priced 1000 yen from CDJapan.

I do have the FLAC format for all the songs but I bought this album to try it out in my car audio setup to see how well it perform. A little disappointed, Mariah Carey The Ballads Album is just an ordinary CD, it would be better if its available in SHM-CD or other high quality CD format and I don’t mind paying a little more for the album.

Listening to Soul music with Mariah Carey The Ballads

mariah carey cd inlet
The songs in the Ballads album are well compiled in one CD and I love the slow and romantic love songs performed by Mariah Carey.

The Ballads features total of 19 songs, some of top Mariah Carey ballads including ‘My All’, ‘Without You’, ‘Hero’, ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘One Sweet Day’, ‘Endless Love’ and many more which was hit songs in the 90s. The CD was printed in grey color label which was similar with her Number 1’s.

I used to have Mariah Carey #1’s To Infinity album which contains all her hit songs compilation of pop and contemporary R&B but The Ballads album is just perfect for ballad music lovers. This album goes to my audiophile CD collection.

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