Anri Timely Vinyl Review: The Best City Pop LP Experience

Featuring a stunning transparent Sky Blue colored vinyl, made in Japan, this limited edition Anri Timely vinyl is a must-have addition to any City Pop collection

Anri Timely Vinyl: Eager to Own My First City Pop Vinyl Record

Anri Timely vinyl, a gem in the city pop genre, effortlessly blends smooth jazz, funk, and R&B with a distinct Japanese twist. This genre has experienced a resurgence in recent years. At the heart of this revival is Anri, one of the most celebrated city pop singers of the 1980s. Her album “Timely!!” is a staple in the genre and has been on my vinyl collection wishlist for quite some time. In this blog post, I will delve into my experience with Anri Timely vinyl, discussing everything from its history to my personal thoughts on the music and where to buy it.

The allure of city pop is undeniable, and I have been eager to add this as one of the best city pop vinyl records from this genre to my collection. Anri’s Timely!!, originally released in 1983, stood out as the perfect choice. This album captures the essence of the summer vibes and chill atmosphere that city pop is known for. When I learned that Anri Timely vinyl was reissued in 2023, making it more accessible to fans old and new, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

A Special Limited Edition Reissue - Transparent Sky Blue Vinyl

Anri Timely Vinyl Record

The reissue of “Timely!!” after 40 years is a testament to the album’s enduring popularity. This limited edition release features a transparent sky blue colored LP, which adds a modern twist to the classic album. The aesthetic appeal of the vinyl itself is a delight for collectors. Being able to grab a new copy from a trusted seller, on Discogs was a stroke of luck. At an affordable and reasonable price, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The LP was shipped from Tokyo, Japan using Japan Post and took about 5 working days to arrive at my doorstep, which is amazing!

“Timely!!” is the second vinyl record I’ve purchased from Discogs, following Karen Souza’s “Essentials”. Discogs has proven to be a reliable marketplace for vinyl enthusiasts, offering a wide range of records from various genres and eras. The platform’s reputation for quality and authenticity reassured me that I was getting a genuine product. The anticipation of unboxing the Anri Timely vinyl LP and adding it to my collection was thrilling.

Anri: A Favorite City Pop Singer

Anri has long been one of my favorite city pop singers. Her smooth vocals and the nostalgic yet timeless quality of her music resonate deeply with me. “Timely!!” perfectly encapsulates the chill and summer vibes that make city pop so appealing. Listening to Anri’s music on vinyl, with its warm, analog sound, is an experience that digital formats simply can’t replicate. I prefer to listen to vinyl records once in a while, savoring the richer, fuller sound that they provide.

Listening to city pop, especially Anri’s songs from the “Timely!!” LP, in the evening with a cup of coffee or whenever I’m feeling bored, provides a wonderful boost to my mood and helps me relax. The smooth melodies and nostalgic vibes of city pop music create a soothing atmosphere, transforming any moment into a serene escape. Whether it’s the soft glow of the sunset or a quiet afternoon, Anri’s timeless tunes fill the air with a sense of calm and joy, making me feel rejuvenated and at peace.

After thoroughly listening to Anri’s “Timely!!” and “Heaven Beach,” I must say, I love most of the tracks in the “Timely” album.

A Closer Look at the Tracks

Anri Timely vinyl features ten tracks, many of which have become favorites of mine. Here’s a closer look at each song:

  1. Cat’s Eye (Album Version) (Editor’s Pick) – This upbeat track is instantly recognizable with its catchy melody and energetic rhythm. It sets the tone for the album with its playful and vibrant feel.
  2. Windy Summer (Editor’s Pick) – A quintessential summer anthem, this song evokes images of sunny beaches and cool breezes. Anri’s soothing vocals make it a perfect track to unwind to.
  3. Stay By Me (Editor’s Pick) – This song combines a smooth, mellow vibe with heartfelt lyrics, creating a sense of intimacy and comfort.
  4. A Hope From Sad Street (Editor’s Pick) – With its melancholic tone and reflective lyrics, this track explores themes of hope and resilience, making it a deeply moving piece.
  5. You Are Not Alone – A comforting song with a reassuring message, it emphasizes the importance of companionship and support through its uplifting melody.
  6. I Can’t Stop The Loneliness (悲しみがとまらない) (Editor’s Pick) – This track blends soulful lyrics with a catchy tune, portraying the struggle of overcoming loneliness with a touch of hope.
  7. Shyness Boy (Editor’s Pick) – An energetic and fun song, it brings a light-hearted feel to the album with its upbeat tempo and playful lyrics.
  8. Lost Love in The Rain – This song has a more melancholic tone, with lyrics reflecting on lost love and longing. It’s a poignant and beautifully crafted track.
  9. Driving My Love (Editor’s Pick) – With its smooth rhythm and romantic lyrics, this track is perfect for a laid-back drive. It captures the essence of carefree summer days.
  10. Good-Night For You – The closing track of the album, it is a soothing lullaby-like song that wraps up the listening experience on a gentle and comforting note.
    A Worthwhile Purchase for City Pop Lovers

The vinyl includes an obi and a gatefold lyric sheet. While I don’t read Japanese, I appreciate the attention to detail and the cultural authenticity that these elements bring to the record. They enhance the overall experience of owning and listening to “Timely!!” and make it feel like a true collector’s item.

For anyone who loves Japanese city pop, Anri Timely vinyl record is a must-have. The album’s blend of smooth melodies, upbeat rhythms, and nostalgic lyrics captures the essence of the genre. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Anri or new to city pop, Anri Timely vinyl is a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Finding a copy of limited edition vinyl records that are hard to find can be a bit of a hunt, but it’s definitely worth the effort. When buying used vinyl records, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind to ensure you’re getting a quality product, also make sure to check out my buying vinyl records guide.

Playing this vinyl on my NAD integrated amp let me enjoy even more of the beautiful voice of Anri, the vintage sound of snare drum of the 80s, which is why one should invest in a vintage amp or integrated amplifier to listen to vinyl records.


Anri Timely Vinyl Japan Imported

While “Timely!!” is a fantastic addition to my collection, I’m already looking ahead to my next potential purchase: Anri’s “Heavenly Beach.” This album is another gem in her discography and promises to deliver more of the enchanting city pop sound that I love.

Adding Anri’s “Timely!!” vinyl record to my collection has been a fulfilling experience. From the vibrant sky blue vinyl to the nostalgic and timeless music, every aspect of this record is a testament to why city pop continues to captivate listeners around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the genre, “Timely!!” is a worthy addition to any vinyl collection. So, if you’re looking to dive into the world of city pop, I highly recommend starting with Anri’s “Timely!!” and experiencing the magic of this iconic album.

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